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Deacon Frost was a scientist looking to unlock the secrets of immortality. After kidnapping a woman to use in experimentation, the woman’s boyfriend broke into Deacon’s laboratory, making Frost inject vampire blood into himself, making him a vampire with a unique talent. Any victim he bit and turned into a vampire was under his control. Deacon, aware of this ability, would try to overcome the lord of all vampires himself, Dracula. 

Mayor Story Arcs

Making his own Enemies

It was also discovered that Deacon Frost was responsible for Blade’s vampirism by killing Blade’s mother. Blade would seek revenge, along with Hannibal King, who was also in a quest for revenge since Frost was the one who turned him into a vampire. Blade and Hannibal would team up against an army of Frost’s vampires. In Frost’s hideout, they made their way in and apparently “killed” Frost, after stabbing him and leaving him for dead as the hideout was consumed in flames and explosions. 

Deacon Frost was spotted again after his death by Blade, but the vampire was different in appearance and attitude. It was later discovered that it was just one of his followers that tried to summon a creature, which later devoured Deacon's decoy. After that, another Deacon Frost was encountered in New Orleans,  but this time it was the real Deacon. He confirmed that the first one was a impostor created out of magic.  Blade and Hannibal King, along with Brother Voodoo, stopped Deacon’s plan to take over Garwood Industries. Frost escaped in rage, promising to avenge this outcome. 

Other Versions

Ultimate Deacon Frost

A younger Deacon Frost appears in Ultimate Avengers Vs. New Ultimates #2 where he has been captured by Nick Fury in order to convince Blade to join his Black Ops team.  

Other Media


Blade (1998)

Stephen Dorff
Stephen Dorff
In the first film in the Blade trilogy, Deacon Frost was played by actor Stephen Dorff.

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