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    Numbering continues into Marvel Versus DC/DC Versus Marvel #2 and from #3 of the same series.

    Note: Volume named per indicia.

    A series crossing over Marvel to DC, with battles between the two company's flagship characters, the results of which were decided, for the most part, by readers votes. This series spawned the 'Amalgam' line of merged DC/Marvel characters. DC and Marvel were about to give fans what they wanted, so they had to be sure to get it right. In this unprecedented cross-over event, the two companies joined together to pit their icons against one another in a no-holds-barred match of strength and skill. To keep the contest as fair as possible, DC and Marvel let the readers decide the victors. Written by Peter David and Ron Marz with art by Dan Jurgens and Claudio Castellini, this 4 issue event consisted of 5 major battles voted on in advance by reader ballots distributed to comic stores, as well as several other minor fights that saw the writers choose the outcome.

    Forcing the champions of each universe to fight in order to solve the cosmic battle of superiority, DC versus Marvel Comics also saw the creation of Access, a gatekeeper between the Marvel and DC universes. With the framework set, the battles began. Thor defeated Captain Marvel, Aquaman bested Namor, and the Flash triumphed over Quicksilver. Robin got the drop on Jubilee, the Silver Surfer proved too much for Green Lantern, and Elektra beat Catwoman. In the balloted bouts, Wolverine trounced Lobo, Storm took out Wonder Woman, Spider-Man beat Superboy, Superman clobbered the Incredible Hulk and Batman outfought Captain America. Before the heroes could reflect on their victories or defeats, they found their universes suddenly combined - the Amalgam Age of Comics had now begun.

    Series collected in trade: DC vs. Marvel

    For the Spanish version, see DC versus Marvel/Marvel versus DC


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