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The underlying idea behind a crossover is not the worst in comics (though it often lends itself to some massive misfires) but when that turns into a hero vs. hero story, then it usually goes off the rails pretty quickly (spoilers ahead). That is evident here in the second issue of DC vs. Marvel (Marvel vs. DC) with a variety of heroes preparing to go head to head. Aquaman battles Namor, Captain Marvel battles Thor and Quicksilver battles the Flash. The result is almost as expected, though with the added twist of having company against company here, it poses the near impossible goal of trying to keep everyone happy and failing at keeping anyone happy. The sole interesting moment might be in the last pages as Wonder Woman decides to wield Mjolnir and succeeds, but this not used for any purpose other than that show it off, and it thus ends up feeling as flat as the rest of the issue.

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