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The two universes continue to collide, as Marvel heroes battle DC Villains, and vice versa. It is revealed that there are two cosmic 'brothers', each representing one universe, who decide that they should be the only one of their kind. How to decide? A contest. DC heroes versus Marvel heroes. This series featured reader votes to determine many of the battle outcomes. In this issue, Wonder Woman obtains Mjolnir, the hammer of Thor.

Some notable battles:

  • Captain Marvel vs. Thor (winner: Thor)

  • Aquaman vs. the Sub-Mariner (winner: Aquaman)

  • Flash vs. Quicksilver (winner: Flash)


  • Thanks to Ron Marz.
  • Thanks to Sean Hardy.
  • DC artist pages 1-8 and 17-24.
  • Marvel artist pages 9-16 and 25-32.
  • "Marvel Versus DC Scoreboard" one page featuring various DC and Marvel characters versus each other.
  • "Decision '96" one page text piece asking the readers to vote for their favorite DC or Marvel characters as they battle it out in the series.
  • Six pages featuring data on Jubilee, Robin, Flash, Quicksilver, Thor, Captain Marvel (DC), Catwoman, Elektra, Silver Surfer, Green Lantern, Aquaman and Sub-Mariner.


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Story Arcs

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