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My thoughts on DC Universe: Rebirth " The Clock Is Ticking."

Here is my thoughts on DCU Rebirth in one word that is "Epic".... Yes "Epic" in 30 plus years I have been collecting /reading Comics from 1989 until now I have seen a lot of good comic arcs like the 1st "52/ Countdown" or "The Protectors", But this Arc is far beyond just good and here is why.

1. It's not retelling of old arc like Civil War aka The Mutant Registration Act Part 2 so no one is phoning this in and it's feels new .

2. It's not a reboot : This has feeling of not going back and saying "Forget about everything that happen before." When it's a 800 pound gorilla sitting in the middle of the room, It has taken what was working before in the passed before the New 52 and mixed in with what was working in the New 52.

3. Blame it on Doctor Manhattan for everything that is wrong and messed up . In this case that works because Dr. Manhattan is so OP (over powered) and behind the curtain that we the readers don't to see him until the 2nd or 3rd act of the arc , also in issue 12 of Watchmen were he tells Laurie Juspeczyk aka Silk Spectre that he is going away created new life IE New 52 so blaming him works.

So in short this is my thoughts on why Rebirth is "Epic."


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