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Inside this issue:

Justice League - Part 5

Darkseid, the greatest threat to the universe, has finally revealed himself to the Justice League! With the team now complete, can the world's most powerful group of misfits put aside their differences to save the Earth?

Action Comics: Superman's Doomsday Decision - Part 5

After fighting Metal-zero and the deadly Terminauts for the fate of Metropolis, the Man of Steel faces an even greater challenge when his beloved city is captured! Alone and outmatched against Metal-zero and his boss on board the ship which holds his city captive, Superman must push the limits of his powers like never before! Plus, secrets from the past are uncovered!

Green Lantern: Sinestro Part 5

After failing to free Sinestro's former homeworld from the tyranny of the Yellow Lantern's, a depowered Hal Jordan sits alone in his prison cell. Meanwhile, his 'partner', Sinestro, is forced to face up his past when confronted by the very people he tried to protect - and they're all wearing Green Lantern power rings!

Reprints Justice League #5, Action Comics #7 & Green Lantern #5


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