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Luthor and his ragged team of future survivors take the fight to Brainiac in a final, desperate attempt to stop his invasion of Earth — but will it be enough? Back in the present day, a catastrophe takes place that will forever change the face of the DCU!

Present- The Justice League Watchtower is falling to towards Metropolis, after Brainiac blow it out of orbit. The JLA had made it out of the Watchtower but everyone has forgotten Aquaman. Batman directs Wonder Woman, Firestorm and Green Lantern to try to catch the smaller pieces while Superman tries to find Aquaman and catch the larger chunk. Superman is able to save Aquaman but he can't stop the larger chunk from hitting the earth, he can only redirect it to what appears to be an abandoned part of Metropolis. He dosn't realise untill it is too late that that is where Lex Luthor was hiding. When Superman finds Luthor he is mangled, near death and blaming Superman for his current condition.

Future- Lex Luthor, the Atom and Black Canary have found Brainiac's trophy room and the Bottle City of Korugar. There the three find the deceased Sinestro Corp and steal some of their rings, chant the oath and fight back against Brianiac's robots. Then Atom and Black Canary split off from Luthor to find the Meta-humans power that Brainiac had stolen while Luthor goes after Brainiac directly. But when Luthor finds Brainiac he is beaten by the Green Lantern rings that Brainac stole. Brianiac then makes quick work of Luthor's rag tag team. When all seems lost Luthor gets a message from Batman, who was thought to be dead,he has a plan.


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Cosmik Debries (A Frank Zappa Song) 0

Issue after issue, this story keeps getting exciting and thrilling, I´m loving this parallel stories being told simultaneously, it gives the narrative a great dynamics, allowing us to see the beloved heroes in the present trying to save Metropolis from the controlled debries of the WatchTower by Brainiac, while in the future the majority of these same heroes are not living any more and that the fate of Earth is now on the hands of Luthor, that´s too much irony - the best thing about this number ...

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