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While planning a counter-strike against Brainiac's ship, the JLA are ambushed on their satellite! Desperate times call for desperate actions! And in the post-apocalyptic future, Luthor plots the greatest betrayal of all!

Present Day: The JLA are trying to figure out how to find where Brainiac took the Daily Planet, but the Watchtower comes under attack by Brainiac's drones and Nanomachines. The drones are large robots that Wonder Woman and Aquaman easily take care of, but the Nanomachines swarm Aquaman and invade his body, stealing his meta powers. The Nanomachines do the same to Martian Manhunter forcing the JLA retreat to the Med bay.

Future: Luthor and his rag tag gang or heroes and villians split into two teams. One group attacks Brainiac's ship in a frontal assault. While Lutor, Atom and Black Canary use some of Lutor's tech to sneek into Brianiac's ship to shut down Brianiac's drones and to find the Sinestro Corps power Battery, to use against Brainiac. Once on the ship when Atom attaches the jammer it blows up and takes off Atoms arm, but shut downs the drones. Unknown Lutors team it also alerted Brainiac to the teams intrution.


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This so far has been the best issue of this series, mostly because it´s action non stop, showing attacks by Brainiac in the JLA Wacth Tower back in the present, while Luthor and the others are trying to stop Brainiac in the future - I really enjoyed the dicotomy of both plans, that in the present it´s Brainiac doing the attack in order to gather information that´s precious to him and to finally kill the metas that for so long have prevented his plans to conquer Earth from becoming true, and that...

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