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Changing paradigms

I was very confident in the beggining that this would be a series worth to follow monthly (bi weekly in this case), and though the first 10 issues really were interesting, especially the ones showing the post apocaliptic scenario of a scorched Earth by Brainiac, the last 5 issues just couldn´t keep up the rhythm, especially because it focused solely on the predictment of the heroes fighting a way through to prevent Brainiac's evil plans, forgetting completely about the coolest thing about this series: that was the dark future - also the good Lex Luthor concept just fails, no matter how the writers tried to aproach the commom link between him and Superman, that is Lois Lane - and this person brings up the worst of this plot so far, because her fate allows the writers to build a conundrum around the morals of Superman: is he able of killing, sacrificing the most noble aspect, the highest value that distinguishes him from the others? This is a cheesy and boring discussion, sorry for the folks that enjoy this kind of drama. Unfortunately, Miller's art , if you consider this feat alone, didn't deserve such a low rating, especially if you put on the table Howard Porter's disastrous last issues (hey, I dig Porter a lot, but his rushing the pages, doing terrible art, but even the visuals of this issue aren't right, simply putting this was a bad issue and if you haven't been following this series, I strongly advise you to keep away from it, it's not worthy


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