DC Special Series #5

    DC Special Series » DC Special Series #5 - Superman Spectacular released by DC Comics on 1977.

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    1. Cover by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez and Dick Giordano.
    2. Scripted by Cary Bates, assisted by Martin Pasko, based off an idea by John Lamartine, penciled by Curt Swan, inked by Vince Colletta, colored by Jerry Serpe and lettered by Ben Oda.
    3. Chapter 1 "The Second Coming of Superman!"
    4. Chapter 2 "The First Coming of Superman!"
    5. Chapter 3 "A God Walks Among Us!"
    6. Chapter 4 "The Fall and Rise of Sonzrr!"
    7. "Super-Symposium 'Should Superman Marry Lois Lane?'" A four page text piece with their personal views on the question of whether Superman and Lois Lane should ever marry by Jerry Siegel, Martin Pasko, Mort Weisinger, Denny O'Neil, Len Wein, Cary Bates, Elizabeth M. Smith, Gerry Conway, Curt Swan and Beth Montelone.


    • This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Ad, Wonder Woman in "Cooky La Moo in Broadway".
    • Beth Montelone is from Rochester, NY and a frequent contributor to the Superman Family of comics letter columns.
    • Included with the "Super-Symposium" are 5 panels of Lois and Superman from Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane #120, #37, #36 and #19.

    Cary Bates with Martin Pasko come up with a story of immortal aliens having lived secretly among us for millions of years and thanks to a time travel mission by Superman (it's never explained why Superman was millions of years in our past) inadvertently made the Quorxans immortal. With religious overtones, they worship Superman and look forward to his Second Coming. Thanks to Lex Luthor and Brainiac, the second coming of Superman may spell the end of him and Quorxan civilization.


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    Retro Review: The Second Coming of Superman! 0

    First Impressions: Cary Bates and Curt Swan put together a special Superman issue back in 1977.   This was the time of the Dollar Comic where you could get 80 pages of your favorite superhero with minimal ads in a one-shot story. Who would'a thought? Basic Plot: The tale is billed as a "63-page Epic" that starts off with Superman on a space mission saving a space pilot.   The story evolves from there to Lex Luthor being captured by an alien race, the Quorxa, who have been living secretly o...

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