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THIS should have been the Live action film

By The Angry Comic Book Critic
     As some of you may know I reviewed the live action Jonah Hex film a while back and I thought it was high time I review a Jonah hex film that was actually good no not good thats the wrong word this film was all around Great. You know what's really sad? This 10 minute short was actually a thousand times better then that live action horse shit they actually had the balls to call a film and not only does this film tell a way more interesting story and shows Jonah Hex as he was meant to be but it grants Thomas Jane redemption for his craptastic role as the Punisher because honestly he has the perfect voice to portray Jonah Hex he's what Kevin Conroy is to Batman when he plays this role. Now not only does this awesome short star Thomas Jane but also the original Badass mom Linda Hamilton the star of such classics as The Terminator and Terminator 2 as the villain for this film. As a personal message to the actors, writer and director of the live action Jonah Hex movie I want to say THIS IS WHAT YOU GET WHEN YOU PUT ACTUAL EFFORT INTO YOUR CRAFT!!!!! You get pure gold not the steaming pile of Dog Shit that you hack crapped out when you made your film. Well enough of my rants lets dig into this beauty.
      Now I'm going to make this quick the basic plot of the film is Jonah hunting down an outlaw who unknown to him was killed earlier by Linda Hamilton's character Madame Lorraine who if compared to an animal would probably fit best with a black widow spider she fucks you then kills you....well at least her victims had more fun dying them some of us have had living. So hex shows up at the Saloon where she's been killing people and ends up beating her and her gang and forces her to take him to the Outlaw's body which is hidden in an abandoned mine shaft along with all the rest of her victims after recovering the Dead outlaw Hex leaves her down there to die. She begs him not too saying she doesn't want to be alone to which he replies "You've got plenty of company you know everyone in the place. The screen then fades to black as Lorraine cowers in fear. NOW THAT IS HOW YOU MAKE A GRITTY WESTERN!!!! I was amazed at how good this was when I saw it attached to Under the Red Hood Seriously I want DC to make either a full length feature film out of this with Thomas Jane Returning as Jonah Hex I really am at a lose for words when comes to telling all of you how great this film is .I'm The Angry Comic Book Critic and this gets my brand of approval.
DC Showcase Presents Jonah Hex

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