DC Showcase: Jonah Hex

    Movie » DC Showcase: Jonah Hex released on July 27, 2010.

    Animated short starring Jonah Hex. Part of the DC Showcase line written by Joe Lansdale, included on the Batman Under The Red Hood DVD.

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    The movie opens up with a bounty, named Red, who comes into town wanting a refill for his whiskey. It begins with the credits, and him shooting a dog in the head which annoyed him. When Red walks into the bar, he boasts about how he can whip any man, and ride anything. The people in the bar don't make eye-contact with him, they just go about their business. When Red goes to the bartender, he gets "the good stuff" and tells him to leave. Once Madame Lorraine comes down, she sees Red. She tells him that he can have some "fun" up stairs. So he follows her up stairs. When Red gets comfy in the bed, he says to Madam, you think I'm to drunk, while this is true, unknown to him Madam has a small hidden gun on her right leg. She comes closer to Red and shoots him twice in the stomach. Two drunk guys outside here the gun fire and start shooting in the air. Madam gets money from his pocket, and tells her two accomplices to take away the body. 
    Eventually (a day or so later), Jonah Hex comes into town. Everyone stops to look at the famed and feared bounty hunter. When Jonah stops at the bar to see if anyone saw the bounty named Red, a young boy comes to challenge Hex. The boy says he can shoot 6 cans in a row and not miss a single can, he then says "I can take you." Swallowing quickly. Jonah stops, with fear running down the boys head, Jonah quickly turns around. The boy gasps, and Jonah hits him right in the mouth with his gun; and then walks into the bar. Jonah walks up to the Bartender and asks if he has seen Red. The bartender lies and says, that he hasn't seen him. Jonah gets a beer, and then a bar girl comes and talks with him. She says that she has seen him, the bar girl tells Jonah that Madam Lorraine takes them up to her room, and there never seen again.  
    All the bar girl wanted was enough money to leave town, so Jonah (as a gentleman) gives her over $1000 dollars in cash. The bar girl gives Jonah a kiss on the cheek and says, Thanks. Jonah talks to the bartender again and tells him to give a drink to everyone here (Jonah pays for all of their drinks). Madam Lorraine tells Jonah that he can have some real fun up stairs, Jonah follows and then the two accomplices follow in a secret door way. Jonah asks if she has seen a "dead man", Madam simply replies, Me see a dead person? Madam reaches for her gun, and pulls it at Jonah, however, Jonah throws his hat and hits the gun out of her hand. Then he jumps on her, Madam says "You wouldn't hit a lady?" Jonah says, "You ain't no lady." and punches her in the face. 
    The two accomplices come out, one with an axe, and another with a gun. The one with the gun starts shooting at Jonah, after Jonah kills him, the axe guy throws the axe at him. Once Jonah dodges the axe, the guy starts punching him in the face. A dazed Jonah, the axe guy reaches for his axe and tries to kill Jonah. However, Jonah kicks him in a, hmm, Particular place and hits the axe guy with the wooden part (where you hold the axe) in his face. Then Hex kicks him and the guy lands on a heater, which burns a little part of his left side face. Then Hex throws him downstairs. The bartender then starts shooting at Hex with a shotgun, Hex shoots him and says to everyone, "Drinks are on the house." Everyone scatters to the bar to get drunk for free. 
    After that, Jonah goes back into Madam's room. He takes a gun and says, I'm only going to ask this once. Madam takes Jonah to Red. After they travel a long distance they finally arrive at the spot that Red is at. Jonah sends Madam down first, then goes down himself. Hex strikes a match and sees the hundreds of bounty's that Madam Lorraine has killed. Jonah finds Red's body and Lorraine gets a knife she sees on the ground. She tries to kill Jonah a second time, however he hits her and throws her to the wall. Jonah goes up with his bounty and leaves Madam Lorraine. She says, You can't leave me here! Jonah replies, you're not alone, you know everybody in the room. As the light fades, Madam Lorraine gets scared at being alone. This is the end of the movie. 



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    Better Cartoon than Movie 0

    Unlike the big budget, live action monstrosity which let me down immensely, DC Showcase: Jonah Hex is an example of what a really good gritty Western flick is all about, even if it is a 12-minute animation short.Hex is the bad@$$ bounty hunter who is hunting down a criminal and stumbles across some even worse fellas. And despite his brutality and mercilessness, he’s got a sense of justice lurking beneath that scarred exterior.My favorite part was at the end where Hex and the brothel madam ...

    4 out of 4 found this review helpful.

    THIS should have been the Live action film 0

    By The Angry Comic Book Critic      As some of you may know I reviewed the live action Jonah Hex film a while back and I thought it was high time I review a Jonah hex film that was actually good no not good thats the wrong word this film was all around Great. You know what's really sad? This 10 minute short was actually a thousand times better then that live action horse shit they actually had the balls to call a film and not only does this film tell a way more interesting story and shows Jonah ...

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful.

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