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Plot Summary

DC Showcase Catwoman is the 4th Showcase found in Batman Year One.

The movie opens up with thugs chasing a cat that has a priceless necklace. After an intense chase with the cat, the thugs think that the cat plummeted to its doom over a bridge, however Catwoman instead saved the cat. Later on, Catwoman takes a trip to the Buttermilk Skye, a strip club, where she is looking for a crime lord named Rough Cut. She puts on a performance to get close to Rough Cut and disarms his guards which eventually leads to a heated battle between Catwoman and Rough Cut. After nearly being killed by Rough Cut, Catwoman follows the crime lord to his shipping yard. Rough Cut is in a hurry to get his shipment out of Gotham City and on the water where Catwoman could not reach her hands on it. However, Catwoman goes into one last confrontation with Rough Cut which ultimately leads to his death. Catwoman later opens a cargo shipment full of prostitutes, one of those prostitutes was Holly Robinson. In the end, Catwoman gives Holly lots of diamonds so that she can have a better life and leave Gotham City forever.



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none of this movie.

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Puts the pussy in the Pussycat... a little oversexed but amazing! 0

This short makes amazing use of its limited running time of about 15 minutes. The story is well structured as a sort of epilogue to Batman Year One.One thing of note... the amazing animation is used to portray some "slutty" elements, not that I mind, but I'd rather not watch this with my mother.Rating:Animation: 9/10Character Design: 9/10Narrative: 8/10Overall: 8/10...

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