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That's a sexist stereotype and that wasn't a compliment!

About the book:
These Retroactive titles are a two-in-one story where one is a new story while another is an old  reprint. Each of these stories also represent a particular decade of writing for the DC comic property. This one focuses on the Justice League of the 90's and illustrates how different it used to be from the team that shares its current name today. Decisively releasing these titles one month before the reboot, I felt that DC wanted to remind their readers that the DC Universe is constant to change and that without it they wouldn't have had all the great stories that you've read. 
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The issue begins with the Injustice League and a parademon sitting in a bar called the Dark Side Bar which is notorious for being a sighting place for parademons on Earth. The Injustice League manage to get the demon super drunk and make him lose everything in a gamble. Unable to pay his debt, the demon gives the villains a device from Apokolips. 
Meanwhile the heroes, well Scott and Guy to be exact are investigating why the parademon is hanging around the bar. They believe that he is acting as a scout for some invasion and decide to question but Guy as the sort of guy that he is decides to ask the questions after he's made his subject half unconscious. 
The other members are hanging around in their headquarters with Martian Manhunter meditating, Blue Beetle on monitor duty where he is disappointed with the news that there is no invasion. 
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Fire and Ice go out shopping. It's a relatively fun issue where there is no looming threat (well not an escalating one) which makes this a good issue if you've never read much about these characters. It introduces to you how they are like and is very comical in dialogue. I mean Blue Beetle seems to be more scared of Power Girl's cat than the actual threat at the end. 
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The lines, "that's a sexist stereotype!" and "that wasn't a compliment!" end up being a running gag in the story but still feel enjoyable.  
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Since I haven't read the 90's Justice League, I'm not certain if this really is accurate to how the Justice League used to be. However, I can saw that I really loved this and would like to read more fun stories like these where not always the concern is towards making a bigger threatening life shattering scenario than the previous story. This was a light-hearted book and new reader friendly.   
The only complaint I have is that the reprinted story was hardly reader friendly and felt it was a poor choice to reprint. Because of that maybe $5 was a bit steep of a price but there was more new content than old which was the better part!

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