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Run Barry Run!

The Good: Manapul's art is at its best here. It doesn't look as crayon-y as it has other times. Things are much more clearly defined, and he does some amazing things with the panel layouts. 
They do a good job establishing the new status quo, for readers both old and new. 
Normally love triangles can bother me, but the one here is well written, but it probably works better for people who know the history. 
The personal touch in this story adds a good hook, and the final page reveal makes things even wilder. 
The new title logo is cool.
The Bad: Cover is kind of boring and standard. 
While the new version of the costume transition is AWESOME, it doesn't really make sense. 
The appearance of Iris may be a little odd for new readers. 
No Wally West.
In Conclusion: 4/5 
This review is over in a Flash... Done groaning yet? Sorry. In the end I didn't have a whole lot to say about this issue. It was cool, art was great, panel layouts were fantastic, story was interesting, new status quo isn't terrible. Nothing was really too bad about this issue. If you've thought about reading Flash, you can't go wrong starting here.

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