Why DC casting always sucks?

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The only one I have a problem with is Ezra miller being the flash. He looks like such an idiot when running and grant gustin is better than him by so much it’s just sad. I see no reason why dceu couldn’t get cw people to act in their movies.

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like what the fuck does Christian Bale know about horses?

yeah, no, definitely a worst batman, some psycho.. do you know what a useless human that is?

They're making monster movies; it hurts kids to do... I heard Jessie Eisenberg went missing and Jensen Ackles is dead..

Jared and his brother are really fucked up about it, and all these cast members of other movies though are dropping off, one by one,. I wonder what happened to Jessie Eisenberg...

that Mark Hammil kid is really good though, (new kid, obviously not the same dude, fresh faced young actor) I wonder if he wants to play, Impulse or something, that'd be cool

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