Where to start reading DC?

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I haven’t read comics in years. A few months ago I wanted to get back into it, so I started reading back at Rebirth with the plan of reading until I’m current. Now that Justice League has started up again, I’m wondering if they’re headed for another full reboot and I should just skim ahead in Rebirth to catch up.

Has anyone heard if this new Justice League is going to be a full reboot? It sure would be easier to skim ahead and start with the more current books.

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You start at the beginning and finish at the end!

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I mean if you like the sound of Justice League you can try it but DC’s history can be long and convoluted to people not at least a bit familiar with it.

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@tekkguy: You Should read DC's main event:

  1. Wathmen - will be usefull to have read once you reach Rebirth
  2. Crisis on Infinite Earths
  3. Legends - Intro of Darkseid in modern DC, creation of the Suicide Squad and of the Justice League
  4. Identity Crisis
  5. Infinit Crisis Omnibus
  6. One Year Later
  7. 52 - story of the missing year between Infinit Crisis and One Year Later - it is excellent
  8. Final Crisis
  9. Blackest Night (you can read the full run of Geoff Johns on Green Lantern if you like GL)
  10. Brightest Day - Follow up to Blackest Night but optional
  11. Flashpoint - Causes the New52 reboot
  12. Trinity War - prequel to Forever Evil
  13. Forever Evil
  14. DC Rebirth
  15. Batman / The Flash: The Button - optional
  16. Doomsday Clock

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