what is SHOWCASE?

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Showcase WHAT? From huh? The pool everyone knows you steal from? That's DC? Do you, I know, writers now, can't answer for what people did,

but who is Hawk?

That's not a name. They Hawk and Dove on some things. That's not a duo. I'm writing him as Bravehawk

because I know who he is, I believe in these people. It's Cloud Strife, his name is Cloud Strife. No wonder you MISSED it. Yes I can spot a FAKE alter ego. Spiderman was gunna call himself Fox Jasons when he was Blue Beetle, Superman wouldn't let him, he said he'd out him.

Showcase a gun, means an already famous gun. You can't copywrite something you said APPEARED in showcase. From what a museum OF?!!!!

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Bravehawk and Mark Magician, if you care

Justin's been around a while, in volume 1 he was hurting a lot, being a REALLY good kid, so bad, super bad, Superman smoked with him, and taught him to FLY, so he could live a life

he's an impressive kid, Cloud was just introduced in THIS volume

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