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All comic book fanboys and fanlasses acknowledge Batman as the "World's Greatest Detective". But the real question is who is the Second Greatest Detective? Or Third? Or Fourth?  A mulitude of nominees come to mind:  
The Question  
Dick Grayson 
Ralph Dibny 
Tim Drake 
Jason Todd 
Martian Manhunter 
James Gordon 
Barbara Gordon 

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1.) Batman
2.) Tim Drake - He found out THE Batman's secret identity, that's before being personally trained by the Bat himself.
3.)  Dick Grayson   - First protege of the Batman, he's the heir to the mantle and again personally trained by the best then had years to hone his skills.
4.) The Question - Depending on which Question. But this guy sees connections where people see obscurity, his eccentric nature is the key to this but it also holds him back.
5.) Barbara Gordon - She runs the Oracle network, trained by Batman and is the daughter of James Gordon.  Her limitation is unfortunately the years she hasn't been in the field practicing it 
Why not?
James Gordon- Gordon is a good cop but he been doing things his way for years, he hasn't been portrayed as a great detective as much as the upper 5, but he's a definite close 6.
Jason Todd- Jason Todd is all rage, though he is personally trained by the Batman, he's focused his skills more on controlling people and spreading fear. He's a 7 but he's too focus on his whole "I'm going to be a better Batman than Batman" shtick. 
Ralph Dibny - He's only been shown a private eye no? It's a bit of a stretch to put him on the top 5, c wut i did thar?
Martian Manhunter- He's a telepath, that's cheating disqualified.

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  1. Batman
  2. Ralph Dibny
  3. The Question
  4. Tim Drake
  5.  ???
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  1. Bruce
  2. Tim Drake
  3. Dick Grayson
  4. Jason Todd
  5. John Constantine
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perhaps the riddler?

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1. Batman 
2. The Question 
3.Tim Drake. 
4. Dick Grayson 
5. Ralph Dibny
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what about Flash (which ever one was a detective) 
Superman- super hearing, vision to see all parts of the light spectrum it seems, microscopic vision. (i guess i would say he has a potential to be the greatest it he took the time to train, look at things, and think like Bruce)
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my personal opinion

1 the question

2 batman

3 nightwing

4 jason todd

5 speedy roy harper

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@vjfdjgdfjklgljkdf: again another hulk in less than 5 minutes bumping a thread. What's your main?

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