the most underrated DC comic charecter?

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#101 Posted by deactivated-5d30ff90eed8f (1024 posts) - - Show Bio

The Flash is not underrated. He has TV show and is acknowledged to be one of the most powerful superheroes in history. He`s also going to be in Justice League.

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#102 Posted by Hatutzeraze (562 posts) - - Show Bio

Shaolin Robot.

No Caption Provided

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#103 Posted by Clamps (389 posts) - - Show Bio


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#104 Posted by Outside_85 (23518 posts) - - Show Bio

Raven... could be a goddess, gets treated like a teenager...

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#105 Posted by deactivated-5c1d15b8899b0 (11360 posts) - - Show Bio

There are several underrated characters to list....

  • Adam Strange
  • Animal Man
  • Vibe
  • Clayface
  • Doctor Light
  • Trigon
  • Parasite
  • Ares....
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#106 Posted by ITouchedTheBoat (3760 posts) - - Show Bio

in comics it's a coin toss between MMH and Captain Atom.

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Time Trapper

Manchester Black

V (V for Vendetta is a DC Comics character originally . But not much know be from DC )

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#108 Posted by JewelTheif (77 posts) - - Show Bio

@batpala: donna troy and omen are in the titans and big barda is being featured in the new mister miracle series by tom king. scandal savage and knockout are underrated. but i agree with you

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#109 Edited by JewelTheif (77 posts) - - Show Bio

vibe is an underrated character. Waller said he was one of the most powerful superhuman on the planet and that he could tear apart the earth.

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#110 Posted by ITouchedTheBoat (3760 posts) - - Show Bio

Martian Manhunter 100 times over. He's very close to Superman's strength and speed level and has Telepathy on a massive scale, as well as intangibility. Yet when he's put in comics most of the time he's a joke.

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#111 Posted by Windrunner (1 posts) - - Show Bio

Princess Amaya of House Amethyst, Black Orchid, Aztek, Gentleman Ghost, Abuse, Roxy Rocket, and Nightstar

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