The Flash Any Good?

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I have heard nothing about the title either good or bad so I was wondering what everyone thinks of "The Flash" in the new 52?

So far the only books I am reading in the new 52 that I am enjoying are Batman and Auquaman (I have tried some of the others but I just wasn't moved by them AT ALL.) I have Animal Man, Wonder Woman and Green Arrow on my "Reading list".

But I have been a Flash fan for a good few years now (I was one of those people who had a new 52 tantrum and only came back in the past 12 months) and I have been thinking about picking up the first couple of trades.

So "The Flash" in the new 52....any good?

Thanks all.

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I'm about to start reading it so I don't have an opinion yet, but I've heard the art is great and the story is a little above average. From what I've heard I'd say definitely give it a shot if you're a flash fan.

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This topic comes up a lot here. Yes it's good and you should read it.

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Yes! Like you I just jumped on into the New 52 within the past 12 months (though I got out of comics because I wanted to fit in at school or some stupid middle school thing) anyhoo I read and I loved. I have never read the Flash before (though I did know the characters history) and it made me a fan. I even bought a Silver Age Flash comic because I have been liking the Flash so much.

The only problem you'd probably have with it is there is no Wally West. However I think Wally might be coming back after the Reverse Flash storyline.

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Flash is definitely worth picking up

  • Rogues gallery are awesome
  • Story is consistent and solid
  • Art is amazing - pick of DC right now
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Oh yes. I've jumped aboard Flash recently and its really great. The current story with reverse Flash is nearly at an end. independent reviews by IGN have given Flash a higher score than any of the Superman titles recently, including Unchained, which says how good it currently is!

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It's pretty to look at, but the story is average at best. It feels very generic.

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Thanks muchly. I am more of a story guy that an art guy to be honest.....but I will maybe give the first trade a shot if I can get it cheap enough....or if DC are giving away an issue on Comixology for free......

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Yes it is very good.

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It very good. Pick it up.

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Up to which Vol of Flash's New 52 was good? I know for Batman New 52 it was only good up to maybe 7 or 8 and then goes down hill from there.

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