Superman vs Captain Marvel

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If Superman and Shazam should equal in strength; Which means Wonder woman is stronger than Superman in terms of strength.Cause she already won Shazam

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Superman's weakness


Red Sun


And his Power drains if he is out of the range of the yellow sun.

Captain Marvel's weakness

If He forced to Say Shazam and convert Back to his regular form.

Superman is Having more Weakness


Superman:Heat vision, Cold breath, Ultimate Superhuman Strength, Ultra Fast Speed(more than speed of light), Maturity.

Captain Marvel:Thunder lightning Bolt,Ultimate Superhuman Strength, Ultra fast Speed (more than the Speed of Light), Wisdom(Rarely used),Magical Spells.

Superman is One of the Most powerful Superheroes we know till date.Though Captain marvel is Too Underrated He Still Match Superman in Strength and he is probably faster than Superman in Flying and running too.

If Both Characters fought each other Till death then I think Captain Marvel Wins. Because he is Having lot more powers than Superman and when the fight will be too serious he can just use the wisdom of Solomon and first destroy the sun and then fight with superman until his powers Drain and then kill him.

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Clearly Superman. Better feats, more fleshed out character.

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