Superman vs Captain Marvel

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In a battle you would think logically Captain Marvel should win. i like them both about equally though

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Carol Danvers, the new Captain Marvel, would totally kick Supermans ass. She has better powers then Supes, she is ex military and as good if not better statagist then captain America, is half Kree a race well cooler then Kryptonians, she has both led and been a member of many teams including the Avengers but best of all she retains the ability to regain Binary powers if needed. Sadly I cannot find any comparison for a fight between Carol and superman, she tends to be put up against weaker charecters like super girl... In this case though I think it's one woman who could wipe the floor with her male counterpart in the DC universe, she also really outshines her namesake Mar-Vell who had a less rich backstory no ties with humanity and no god-like mega abilities. I hope very much She gets a marvel film soon as Captain Marvel, I'm sure it will beat Superman at the box office as well. This may be a controversial view, not looking to offend DC or Marvel fans, just pointing out that Carol Danvers has one of the most interesting developments and back stories of any superhero.

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Yeah I am new, infact this was my first post lol, just realised its in the DC thread, thanks....


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Captain Marvel...for me the true leading powerhouse of DC

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People often THINK Captain Marvel, but the reality is usually Superman will win those fights. The only real thing Marvel has is the magic based lightning strikes (which is usually what he ends up doing). Superman has shown various ways to over come this though, and his susceptibility varies depending on the writer and story anyway. Of course if Superman is exposed to kryptonite then anyone can beat him, super powered or not. However I don't think I've ever seen an instance where they fought and kryptonite was part of it. Supe's seems physically stronger (regardless of incarnation, if anything they had Captain Marvel powered up closer to him in the Silver age, but it depended on if his buddies were using any of the power as this weakened him (that arm wrestle that they do Marvel ends up losing because Freddy or whoever taps into the power during the match and Supes of course doesn't have that problem) but since then any time I've seen them come to blows, Superman is stronger.

And I know it's not canon, but in the Injustice game (not sure if it's replicated int he comic series) Supe's kills him with heat vision - literally burns through his brain. The conflict lasts about 2 seconds because by this stage Superman is insane and completely doesn't care about life anymore. Kinda went Superboy Prime on him...

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Also, just read an interesting fact - Superman's vulnerability to magic only came about in 1986, so prior to that Marvel never really stood a chance anyway. It's only since then it's become an issue. Apparently John Byrne decided he needed another vulnerability so he could face some real challenges. Because kryptonite, red sunlight, and psychological attacks weren't enough.... John Byrne truly was an uninspired and unimaginative writer....

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At the end of the arcade mode on DC vs mortal kombat the superman ending shows captain marvel giving superman enchanted armor that makes his vulnerability to magic no more. If this was the case superman would be immune to such magic attacks that captain marvel has in his main arsenal. Other wise I give captain marvel the leg up on this one.

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Supes uses his super ventriloquism to make him say shazam and that's that :)

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The injustice Gods among us fight between Shazam and Superman was so wrong. The writers should have done their homework. (see below for the crap they wrote).

"But mentioning Superman's departed wife proves to be too much for the on edge Man of Steel. Superman snatches Billy by his throat, and despite the younger hero's struggles, he cannot break free from his grasp. Billy tries to cry out "SHAZAM!" to bring his lightning bolt down, but Superman quickly freezes his mouth shut. Billy's screams of horror are muffled by the ice as Superman burns through his eyes with his heat vision, murdering the boy in cold blood and letting his body fall to the floor.

This is not even plausible. Heat vision can not penetrate any part of Shazam's mythical form not even his eyes. Now they could have had him change into Billy and Superman could have done what he did and that would have been more shocking Superman killing a young boy in his helpless form. This was poor writing.

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Supes pretty much koed him with a single solid hit new 52.

I generally say Superman is Captain Marvel's superior in every way, particularly speed.

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In Alex Ross and Jim Krueger Justice storyline Superman states that the Barry Allen-Flash is faster than him and that it would take the speed of a god to catch him and only Captain Marvel has that and so Captain Marvel does catch the Flash that was running at a uncontrollable full speed. So the speed of Mercury is faster than Kryptonian speed.

Also Captain Marvel does not get tired, he does not have to eat, sleep or breathe. Superman does and gets tired and exhaustion can even lead to his death (member doomsday).

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I don't think that Shazam's power has been fully realized. When you talk about all the different gods he draws power from; WOW! Also, having two characters so similar in nature is kind of a conflict for DC. I do wish they would pit Shazam against some tougher foes and develop his powers a little more.

The new 52 version of Shazam is weak. I don't do the hood personally and I still like the idea of a character who is on par with Superman in almost every respect in case Supes gets out of check or vice versa. Strength wise, I do believe that DC should put Superman and Shazam at roughly the same level. Speed: Shazam, Energy projection: more varied with Superman but power levels are roughly equal (that's some mean lightning).

I disagree totally with the way Superman put away Shazam in Injustice.

One thing that nobody mentioned was that Billy Batson's naivety is a weakness. Superman is a little more jaded and experienced. That would give the dirty fighting edge to Superman. But I do so love the fact that a little kid becomes a juggernaut of raw power.


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Supes pretty much koed him with a single solid hit new 52.

I generally say Superman is Captain Marvel's superior in every way, particularly speed.

Actually, he didn't KO him. If you watch that fight again, he hits him with an enraged punch, Cap hits the sand but apparently doesn't bleed at all (like he did when Black Adam hit him).

He rubs his face sorely, because it probably did kind of hurt, and the fight ends there because the rest of the Justice League shows up. You can tell he hadn't been out for a while because the sand was still stirring around the point of impact. There's zero evidence that he was knocked unconscious.

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I will always say Captain Marvel I like his origin story much better. A kid suddenly given god like powers count me in.

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Captain marvel, now going a little off-topic, Superman & Captain Marvel Rogue Gallery are my favorites.

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Captain Marvel 7/10, Im sure he is a bit stronger than Supes and he got magic which is Superman's weakness. And he could read every move Superman is going to make since he got mental powers.

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I can't say...I think it would be 50/50...they're both powerful.

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Superman loses because of magic.............

That gets more annoying ever time I see it. Superman has a couple decades more experience than Billy. If you're one of those people that believes their stats are equal (they probably aren't) than that right there is the deciding factor.

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Magic Smagic.....Superman has No Selled Magic before and based on his Kryptonian natural resilence, he has cosmic level property than Magic just won't affect based on that.

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@deadpool101: Shazam FTW! He is Sups equal in almost every way but also has magic. And now that he is Shazam, not cap marvel in the new 52, he is the keeper or guardian of magic not just powers given by Magic. DC would never let Shazam really win but we have seen many times how close the fight is. Just let Shazam really unleash his full magic potential and I think we have a winner. Sadly DC has kept Shazam/Cap Marvel down since they acquired him in the 40's. He is so amazing now yet still no stand alone comic series. Blows my mind. So guarantee DC never truly let's him defeat Sups. Oh and watch Superman/Shazam return of black Adam. BA smokes Sups as far as I am concerned and Shazam these days is much more powerful the BA was in that movie.

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@deadpool101: several people here made statements such as "magic doesn't matter, billy can't cast spells or shoot lightning with each punch" or similar wording. I can assume those people do not pay attention to Shazam (not sure why we are still calling him Cap Marvel) in the new 52. Shazam can absolutely cast spells and throw magic and lightning with each punch in the new 52. If your going to put down Billy at least know what his powers are these days folks. So yeah MAYBE old capt Marvel was slightly less powerful then Sups. But NOW that he is SHAZAM, guardian of magic, and casts spells at will, he SHOULD smoke Sups. But DC will never allow that.

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Superman will always come out on top. He's gone against many magic users and they haven't beaten him. He may be injured or have a hard time but he wont lose. He's probably DC's strongest hero, as stated by most of DC's heroes in many of DC's movies/shows. Yes he's weak to a rock and magic, but humans are weak to everything, (batman, green lanterns, flash, shazam) although Shazam is extremely powerful, I doubt that DC would allow one of their most popular Superheroes (Superman) to lose to Shazam. I like both heroes though, they are both great.

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Their powers are so evenly matched that, in the end, the question is really, "In a no-holds-barred fight, who would win, the all-powerful adult or the all-powerful pre-pubescent boy in the body of an adult?"

The answer to that should be obvious.

Now, give Billy Batson the chance to grow into a full adult, someone who could take full advantage of the wisdom of Solomon, and I suspect when William Batson becomes Captain Marvel, Superman is in for a loss!

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Sorry for the bump, but I really wanted to get my opinion on this one. They both have the same strength level but then again Shazam possess magical powers, far great enough to be a problem for supes. So I think Cap Marvel wins this

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Superman is weak to magic, Shazam is all about magic.

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Thread got bumped again so I guess I'll contribute.

Superman is weak to magic, Shazam is all about magic.

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Personally I'd hate to see either one lose. But speaking objectively I'd say tie!

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Shazam owns supes

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Superman wins.

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Captain marvel was CREATED TO BE SUPERMAN EDITORS AND CREATORS ALL KNOW THAT HENCE THE LAWSUIT (PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE PEOPLE) keeping that in mind add magic and really no known weakness and superman hasn't a slight chance I mean was the only person who saw the return of the black Adam movie? Not saying its cannon in anyway but a few of those magic blast and superman was falling out the sky down on his knee's now imagin SHAZAM is pissed off and keeps beaming superman with his blasts what can he do but lay down and die honestly

We can say there equal on every lvl it wont matter BC the shazam lighting would fry superman and the magic would force his surrender or risk dying

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Captain Marvel would win. He proved that in Kingdom Come where checked mated a older more powerful Superman and held him there.

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shazzam looks stronger, but supes would win.

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There's no doubt that superman is the more powerful one when it comes to brute strength and speed. But shazam makes up the divide easily with his magical abilities. I think the wins should be divided among them but supermans should usually come from his strength advantages while shazam's magic should get him most of his wins

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Superman has no resistance to magic so Shazam has a slight edge over him.

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@snowy_owl42: Hey man, the Captain is cool.

As far as the fight the way I see it is that if they had like a 100 matches I could honestly see each winning 50-50. I say they are pretty much equal.

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I think Shazam is a much cooler and better looking character.

After noticing how perfect superman is, it became annoying.

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I am waiting on the patent pending, trademarked supa-fan "but Superman just have to sun-dip and, and...."

That one cracks me up every time. Why don't you bring in the Super Mobile while you are at it.

Shazam's only weakness was lawyers. There was a reason why Superman sued Fawcett, Captain Marvel was more popular and outsold him in Kal's hey dey.

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Superman wins this with relative ease. I'm no Superman fanboy and frankly, I think Shazam is cooler but modern Superman lifted a weight of 200 quintillion tons and even surpassed the Hulk in terms of stength. He survived a force of 15 supernovas to the face. He has been trained in the fighting arts by Mongul and Batman. He has over 20 superpowers. His power is multiplied by three for every 15 minutes he stays in the sun. His heat vision has easily incinerated planets before. His speed has been seen to rival, match and even surpass the Flash's before, running at several quintillion miles per hour. He is able to see at a subatomic level. One of his lesser known powers, instant lobotomy, focuses his heat vision to microscopic levels, and can be used to remove powers from the brain or just blow it to bits. He can phase through matter, or even inside people. He has demonstrated outstanding telekenesis and telepathy. He can hear telepathic shouts but his mind is protected from anything deeper by a series of very impressive psychic blocks. He has a photographic memory and is capable of imitating and countering attack moves. He is a fantastic martial artist and hand to hand combatant though he rarely feels the need to demonstrate it.

His last resort, the solar flare, is only used in extremely dire circumstances and is capable of destroying a galaxy. He is the leader of the Justice League, which is no small feat. Everyone mentions Superman's vulnerability to magic, but frankly it is greatly exaggerated. Magic can harm or even kill him but only superior sorcerers like Dr. Strange are able to kill him, not just magic based characters like Shazam. And anyway, magic doesn't make him a sitting duck. His invulnerability, is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to get through and his immense speed and huge amount of powers will have to be dealt with. I know my stuff and I'm just laying out the facts. Superman is often compared to Shazam but Shazam only has his basic powers and NOT at his level. Strong versions of Shazam are often compared to weak versions of Superman and sometimes the other way round. It would be a great fight, but Shazam has not much on Superman, neither feats nor power. Superman would eventually win.

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New 52 Shazam is lame. Original Captain Marvel is way better and is equal to Superman in abilities. Here he stuns and KOs Superman.

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No one has mentioned the Golden Age. At that time, Superman was jumping around, running a little faster than a train, and strong enough to break buildings, while Captain Marvel could crack a planet in half, fly to the edge of the galaxy to grab a dead star and fly back with it. Superman had to be changed to start resembling Captain Marvel, and he never reached those power levels until the 60s. Granted, I find those power levels to be a little silly outside of cartoony stories. But if you want to compare the two, then I'd go off their original levels, which would mean Marvel should always be more powerful than Superman at whatever sliding scale their powers are placed at in any given time. Or at the very least, if the people at DC can't possibly allow Superman to be less powerful than someone, then it should always be a straight up even tie that can only be overcome through deception, lack of momentary concentration, etc. (Superman wiggling Cap in front of the lightning bolt in the JLU episode, or Cap sucker-punching Supes in that issue of JLA would be good examples of that.)

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@brianiac5: Yeah DC got salty over his popularity too and had to put a company out of business. Sad times back then

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They should be equals with Cap Marvel having an edge in raw strength perhaps.

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