Sinestro and Mongul II: Hitler and Genghis Khan

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In Sinestro's first appearance he appeared in his red skin and oval face seemingly as a reference to the arcetypal "devil" portrayed. Hal even referenced him as his "Satanic faced foe." Sinestro has been portrayed with direct similarity to the look of David Niven as well (most notably the mustache). But as of late (for a while now actually) he has been increasingly been likened to Hitler, the most dramatic being that Sinestro's hair style has been conciously or unconciously made to look like the same style Hitler wore his own. When Hal goes to see how Sinestro takes care of his planet, he labels Sinestor a "facist" and a "dictator." Guy Gardner has gone so far as to say on Sinestro's home planet of Korugar he "Turned the Green lantern Symbol into a Swastika," and has "jokingly" referred to Sinestro as "Space Hitler." All of these are very direct comparisons to Hitler's reign, and the terminology used is very connotatively provacative. 
Another parallel that may not be so obvious to an unwary onlooker, is the similarity between the Monguls and Genghis Khan. I ponder that this was intentional at the very creation of the character Mongul that he be large, fearsome, relentless, and (seemingly unimportantly) yellow-skinned. Genghis Khan is known for his utter ruthlessness. Producing quotes such as "It is not enough that I win, everyone else must lose...." and “I am the punishment of God...If you had not committed great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you.”  This persona, mental resolve and expression of ego is often expressed by Mongul. Mongul is shown as emotionless save for  sadism in his opponent's downfall, and is portrayed as an incredibly tough and durable character. But the name Mongul carries phonetically the connotations of authority and domination, as after all Genghis Khan conquered what has been historically recorded as the largest empire in history: the Mongol Empire. Rooted primarily in Asia, the bone structure and facial features of those from the orient is now called "Mongoloid." These people were also, at the time in america when Mongul was created, known (both offensively and otherwise) as "Yellow" people. 
Your thoughts?
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Really? Nobody has comments?
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i have comments
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@GTG12 said:
"i have comments "

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I have comments, too.

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@Nefarious said:
"I have comments, too. "

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Current Krona is reminding me of Napoleon lol......
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I, myself, have comments as well...

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Space Hitler ftw
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@mr.obvious said:
"I, myself, have comments as well...  ;D "

Lol, this comment, plus the look on your avatar's face.......

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