Off My Mind: Why Bringing Back Earth-2 is a Bad Idea for DC Strategy

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Posted by gmanfromheck (42501 posts) - - Show Bio

We've been seeing lots of changes in DC's 'The New 52.' Most of the characters are still familiar and have only received small tweaks. Other characters and events have undergone some bigger changes. The purpose of 'The New 52' was to provide the perfect jumping on point for new readers. People could jump in and not have to worry about what went on with the characters for the past few decades. While there has been a couple hiccups, the plan has been pretty successful so far.

Then DC revealed that Earth-2 would be making its return in 2012's Justice Society of America. Earth-2 is essentially a parallel world with alternate versions of many of the characters we know. Earth-2 was the explanation for the Golden Age DC characters and why they had different traits from the Silver Age characters in the later 1950s.

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The potential for new elaborate and maybe even crazy stories is something to consider with the return of the Golden Age. The problem is, trying to explain the differences to newer readers, even ones that have read DC Comics now and then, is going to be tough. We're already trying to figure out what is going on and what has been erased in the 'New 52.' Bringing in different versions of characters or the whole notion of a parallel DC Universe could be the factor that pushes some readers away. In other words, bringing back Earth-2 is a bad idea.

== TEASER ==

Earth-2 and the Golden Age heroes had their beginnings from the early days of WWII. The Justice Society was the big team and other characters had different stories. For example, Superman, as Clark Kent, worked at the Daily Star, became the editor-in-chief and married reporter Lois Lane. Batman eventually retired and became the police commissioner of Gotham City. He married Selina Kyle (Catwoman) and they had a daughter, Helena, who would become that world's Huntress. Dick Grayson was always the only Robin and when Batman 'retired,' he continued crime fighting and joined the Justice Society. The list goes on and on with pretty big differences from the characters we know.

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It was in 1961's The Flash #123 where Barry Allen accidentally vibrated at the right frequency that transported him to Earth-2. He discovered that the comic character Jay Garrick, known as the Flash on this world, was actually real. The explanation was the writer, Gardner Fox, must have had a connection to the world and dreamt about it as he slept and wrote the stories. This opened up the door between the two Earths. Eventually others showed up and Alan Scott and Power Girl made their way to the DC Universe. It was 1985's Crisis on Infinite Earths that was meant to clean up the continuity in the DC Universe. No longer did multiple Earths exist.

Only Crisis on Infinite Earths hasn't happened in 'The New 52,' according to Dan DiDio. That means Earth-2 didn't get merged/erased. What does this mean for the other Earth-2 characters? Could we see that Earth-2 Batman journey over? Will books be clearly marked as the 'New 52' universe and Earth-2 world? What can we say about last week's Huntress #1 and Penguin #1? Neither had the 'New 52' words splashed across the cover. Did those issues occur in the 'New 52,' Earth-2 or are just random stories written before 'The New 52' was set in motion? It could be because they're only miniseries but I see 'The New 52' as the entire new universe now rather than only the 52 individual titles. DC has dropped hints that Huntress will have connections to 'Mister Terrific' (which has Karen Starr but not Power Girl), 'Birds of Prey' as well as next year's Justice Society of America.

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I've been reading comics for over twenty-five years and even I am confused as to what is going on. How can newer readers make sense of the difference between Earth-2 and 'New 52' characters when many of the 'New 52' characters are undergoing radical changes?

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With some history officially being erased, we can also add any recent ones involving the Justice Society since they don't exist in the DC Universe but instead they're still on Earth-2.

Then again, it's possible the heroes have been able to cross over into each world. As mentioned in Justice League of America #82, every twelve months the "temperal matrices of the Earths come together briefly.' For twenty-one days, super-powered men and woman can cross to the other existence." Could that still be the case?

Trying to explain that to a new ready could be difficult, especially if they missed an issue. There'd also be the matter of defining how much real time equals twelve comic book months. But maybe the heroes in 'The New 52' have already interacted with heroes from Earth-2. We just don't know for certain since we don't know what they have and haven't done anymore.

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Let me be clear that I think the idea of being able to explore the Earth-2 counterparts is exciting. I'd love to see more of Earth-2 Batman, Robin, Superman and so forth. This just goes against what 'The New 52' was supposed to be about. You can't claim this isn't a reboot and then re-introduce characters from the 40s. Having two versions of characters isn't going to win over new readers if they don't fully know or understand which is the regular version and which is the Earth-2 counterpart.

The funny thing is it was Alexander Luthor Jr in Infinite Crisis who wanted to revert the multiverse into its pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths state. He wanted to pick characteristics of each and make the perfect world. That's exactly what 'The New 52' is doing. DC is choosing what characters they think are interesting and giving them a shot. It has been going smoothly and while the idea of seeing the Justice Society of America on Earth-2 again is great, I would rather they make their way back to the regular DC Universe and leave it at that. If we want readers to know what's going on and not get frustrated, you can't have alternate dimensions play a major role with the big characters.

Earth-2 might be a nice place for our heroes to visit but I wouldn't want them to live there.

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#1 Posted by Kato (13 posts) - - Show Bio

But Earth-2 was already brought back. The whole multiverse was. I thought?

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I felt the same way when they announced that Earth-2 would be around, but I'm fine with it being there if for nothing else the JSA getting to exist. They never really felt like they belonged on the main Earth, Pre-52, so it's good to see them have a better setting for their stories. Also any sign of the Hooded Lady in the #2's I haven't bothered to check and Bleeding Cool hasn't posted any sightings so...she is preparing something.

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#3 Posted by feebadger (1599 posts) - - Show Bio

I agree that it shouldn't be brought back as part of the new 52. If DC are brave enough to relaunch every issue with a fresh new start and new focus, then i think they should follow through and just focus on those titles and the universe it builds around it. There is no need for an earth 2 in a new DC universe and I think having to juggle a new universe with a second 'alternate' version is going to water down both.

If they are intent on launching an earth 2, then i think they should hold off and perhaps launch it as a second line, much like the ultimate line over at Marvel. This would help differentiate the two for new readers and make the management and editing of both universes easier and more effective.

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#4 Posted by daikari (92 posts) - - Show Bio

this is why I prefer Marvel's multiverse... alot less confusing but lets not start a DC Vs. Marvel debate now

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#5 Posted by Dark_Flame35 (7 posts) - - Show Bio

I hope Wally West comes into DC again! Maybe they'll bring him into Earth 2. Also it'd be cool if they brought Donna Troy and the other heros that did not make the cut for Earth 1.

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I think when they say they're rebooted/revamping/what ever they're calling it they're starting the whole multiverse over, not just the new earth universe. They're going back to pre-crisis times, so to speak. Personally, I'm sensing a Crisis on Infinite Earths remake of the sort that will eventually re-merge the two (well, technically five) earths together. If DC is smart, they're start noting on the covers, or something, which comic is placed in what universe. I'm excited to see the Earth-2 again, I always loved the idea of parallel/alternate earth stories.

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I haven't seen the official DC statement about Earth-2's return. Just going on a thought. What if instead of trying to meld Earth-2 DC in with the New 52 DC? They are planning on treating Earth-2 as their equivalent of Marvel'sUltimate line of comics. I actually see some potential promise in that.

It really would of been for the best not to of definitively said Infinite Crisis didn't happen. Leave it open to let writers do what they will. They shoehorn their writers in far too much.

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GA Superman! GA Superman! GA Superman!

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@FoxxFireArt said:

I haven't seen the official DC statement about Earth-2's return. Just going on a thought. What if instead of trying to meld Earth-2 DC in with the New 52 DC? They are planning on treating Earth-2 as their equivalent of Marvel'sUltimate line of comics. I actually see some potential promise in that.

That's what i said! And I whole heartedly agree with you FoxxFireArt.

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#10 Posted by pikahyper (17014 posts) - - Show Bio

Way to soon, they should have waited at least a year before muddling things up again so the roster of titles and fanbase can solidify. I love the JSA but this is just too much too soon and it really does conflict with their overall strategy way too much.

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#11 Posted by Adnan (1042 posts) - - Show Bio

Just put a "THIS STORY TAKES PLACE IN AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE" info-bubble (or whatever they're called) at the very beginning.

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#12 Edited by ArtisticNeedham (2726 posts) - - Show Bio

I remember reading an interview with Marv Wolfman and George Perez where they explained their idea of the Crisis storyline. They said writers and artists would have to sit and work with a large pile of reference material, comics, character designs, etc. They would have to know all the stories, who was from what Earth and who was currently ON what Earth, what did the characters look like, etc. They said it was such a pain in the creators necks that they decided to do away with it, while at the same time bringing in the character DC comics had acquired from Fawcett and Charlton comics (in fact I think thats why DC asked them to do this idea in the first place, to introduce these characters, but they decided to go further... I think), and do it in a really cool uber story that simplified everything and made life easier for the writers and artists at DC.

So that is another reason, from a new reader stand point you are right. Older readers are still trying to figure out whats going on and the complexity might scare off new readers. Its like you said in the Podcast, if all the Crisis stories didn't happen, does that include Batman getting killed? What happened and what didn't. But from a creator standpoint it makes things more difficult too.

But based on what you mentioned, since I never read Earth 2 stuff, I LOVE the idea of characters aging. I always thought Superman and Lois should get married and have a baby, but I think Lois would be the Editor in Cheif. I love the idea of Batman retiring and Bruce Wayne becoming the new Commissioner, while Dick Grayson becomes a new Robin/Batman hybrid character. LOVE it. If DC put out a comic called DC's Earth 2, where characters aged naturally, and all this stuff happened I would get it.

Thats just a fun idea. Imagine how they might show Earth 2 now. Lois is Editor in Cheif of the Daily Star, Clark is still a reporter, they are married and have a child together. Bruce Wayne is now Commissioner of Gothem and Dick Grayson is now a new vigilante (something different than Nightwing but not just Robin) who is a mix of Batman and Robin. His costume could look like a mix of Batman and Robin (only better than the old Earth 2 version). He took Batman's place and is now on the Justice Society. Bruce and Selina's daughter is secretly Huntress. They could explore how a millionaire (and secret vigilante) was able to become Commissioner. It would be like DC's Ultimates line. DC could approach the whole idea from a more modern creative standpoint than when Earth 2 was first created.

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#13 Posted by Sir_Deadpool (491 posts) - - Show Bio

lets see which changes will be made in the new 52 earth-2. some kind of excited but on the other hand like its said in the articel it might confuse some readers. well lets see howw it is going to be

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#14 Posted by Mister_Sensational (209 posts) - - Show Bio


I gotta tell you G-Man I'm on the fence on this one but I'm leaning in the opposite direction of your argument, I mean I have personally found it confusing how prior to the New 52 we had a world where you had the likes of Power Girl and Supergirl, 3 different Batgirls (not at the same time mind you), a Batwoman and Huntress all operating out of Gothom, 4 different Flashes running around (no pun intended) again not all at the same time, but at least one modern day Flash, a Kid Flash, and Jay Garrick, now THAT is confusing. Then there's Alan Scott, the golden age Green Lantern and the other GLs, he has the exact same abilities as the others but neither one of his items (i.e. the ring and the power battery) were given to him by the Guardians of Oa instead he made them himself... HUH? Where would he even get the inspiration to do that?

With a new Earth 2 you can reintroduce these classic characters and their origins and make them work without the confusion their modern age incarnations will cause if they also exist in the same place. The key to this being successful is DC must make it clear from the the start the differences between the earths, something they failed to do prior to the 1st Crisis which prompted it neccessity. If they do this without constantly bluring the lines with crossovers then the possibilities are endless. For example maybe Earth 2 is a world where it's Superman died and stayed dead prompting Power Girl to step up as her earth's sole Kryptonian protector. Maybe Bane broke Batman's back and he never fully recovered prompting his daughter Helena a.k.a Huntress to step up and fill the void. Just a thought.

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#15 Posted by ComicMan24 (147651 posts) - - Show Bio

While I see your point and I do agree tht bringing back Earth-2 can be confusing to new readers especially since this was one if the reasons for ding the reboot in the first place, to attract new readers, if it is done right I have no problem wit it. Who knows it might be good.

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#16 Posted by niamahai (40 posts) - - Show Bio

Barely into issue #2 and DC already have a fucked up their continuity.  

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#17 Posted by Eyz (3187 posts) - - Show Bio


And I always loved the idea of the regular DCU having an old generations of Mystery Men now seniors to look out to. Specially the interraction between Jay Garrick and the rest of the Flash Family, or Alan Scott and the rest of the lanterns! Will this take out Jade from Kyle Rayner!Green Lantern continuity?!

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#18 Posted by Michiel76 (192 posts) - - Show Bio

Well i'm a new DC reader and although i've read comics for over 20 years and i am not new to alternate universes i could have done without this at this time.

It's way too soon for new readers it should have been at least a year before this would happen, let me get comfortable with the new comics and characters first and decide which comics i'm going to pick up regularly, before hitting me with alternate earths, characters etc.

It was explained to me that Earth 2 is more like a marvel AoA kind of alternate universe, but i get the feeling it's more than that after reading this article.

Wrong move DC, although interesting, it's way too soon.

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#19 Edited by le_rooster (10 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm ambivalent about the earth 2 thing. I like the JSA and would like to see them back in the universe, but I don't how you explain merging them with the other heroes unless they come from another earth.

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#20 Posted by Utandi (220 posts) - - Show Bio

Good Article.

But I'm still curious about The New 52 and I think we have to wait till it happend to decide whether it was the right time and decision or not.

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#21 Posted by positronic (42 posts) - - Show Bio

Oh boo hoo. "It's too confusing for new readers". Why don't you bitch to Marvel, who have so many parallel timelines that they had to publish an entire "Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Alternate Universes" to explain them all?

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C'mon, comic book readers aren't so dumb that they can't figure these things out. Or if they are, maybe they should find something less challenging, like "Captain Underpants".

Should Gene Roddenberry never have done the "Mirror, Mirror" episode of STAR TREK? Did moviegoers fail to grasp that the "new" Star Trek movie franchise is actually a parallel timeline created by a time-travelling future Romulan named Nero? Geez, give people a little credit for some intelligence.

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#22 Posted by RainEffect (3376 posts) - - Show Bio
The idea of Bruce and Selina having a kid was bad enough as a concept, but a Gotham that has a shining sun and a Bruce who accepted the death of his parents? 
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#23 Posted by Daveyo520 (2469 posts) - - Show Bio

Agreed, start adding all these other Earths and you start confusing people.

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#24 Posted by RedHush1 (162 posts) - - Show Bio

I like the Idea but I'm curious about the Idea especially since I read your other article About the Hooded Person who was ine the Number Ones of the 52 and how you mention the comic series "52"

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#25 Posted by Norusdog (205 posts) - - Show Bio

yes to this. NO ALTERNATE REALITIES...don't ruin your reboot by bringing this convoluted crap's a MAJOR part of the reason the reboot was NEEDED in the FIRST PLACE

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#26 Posted by Om1kron (1224 posts) - - Show Bio

first they re-raise the prices to 3.50 a book then try to shove more books down our throats. 

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#27 Edited by VanAce (145 posts) - - Show Bio

I could see there being less confusion if they label them as "Earth-2" like they label them current ones "New 52".

It would be just like how they label spin-offs of the event they are from. DC was able to do it with Flashpoint.

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#28 Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt (17132 posts) - - Show Bio
@niamahai said:
Wow.  Barely into issue #2 and DC already have a fucked up their continuity.  
just because certain people are too slow to understand it doesn't mean the continuity is actually messed up.
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#29 Posted by the_tree (8607 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't really mind that they're gonna show off Earth-2, what really grinds my gears is that they're moving the JSA there.

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#30 Posted by Gokujam (71 posts) - - Show Bio
Agreed. God, I don't think parallel universes is such a radical concept that new readers couldn't grasp it, or the addition of one (Earth-2) would cause their heads to explode or ignorant mobs to burn DCs' offices to the ground. 
I love alternate universes.  Most of my favourite comic book stories were elsewordls or took place in alternate universes. 
Bring on Earth-2, I say!!
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#31 Posted by chalkshark (1271 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't see as DC has any choice in the matter. The insistence on making Superman the world's first super-hero, pretty much throws the Justice Society under the bus, in the new "52". What I would like to see from this new Justice Society book is a completely separate continuity, with absolutely no crossovers with the 52 titles. Leave James Robinson his only little corner, all to himself, to do with as he will, without fear of having to sync up with any of the shenanigans going on in the rest of DC's "new" universe. That worked out really well on Starman. I expect it will work out just as well here.

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#32 Posted by Icemizer (181 posts) - - Show Bio

I fail to see how this will be difficult for new readers. They are there when it begins. they do not have to come into 60 years of history and understanding of multiple Earths. Here is Earth 1 and the New 52 and here are some stories from Earth 2. And oh by the way we can tell stories from another 50 Earths if we want to, Interested? They only thing I would like to see is a once a decade, yes only once a decade crossover. That would make it special and somethng to look forward to . Any more than that and it becomes meaningless.
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#33 Posted by WildStyle (337 posts) - - Show Bio

Exactly. Two years ago when I was getting into comics, one of the main things that put me off about DC was the multiple earths. It was just kind of confusing at the time. And now when some aspects of the DCU are new reader friendly, they start down this road again. I just don't see a reason to for this. Can someone explain why adding Earth 2 is a good idea for DC because I'm not seeing it.

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#34 Posted by Abriel (54 posts) - - Show Bio

As cool as it would be to see characters like Helena Wayne again, and as important as Earth 2 was to Power Girl's origin, I think it's a bad idea too. The new 52 is supposed to be a fresh start for DC, a chance to rectify past mistakes. The whole reason the multiverse and Earth 2 existed was to fix Gardner Fox's mess up when he wrote Barry Allen as being inspired to become the Flash by reading comics featuring Jay Garrick, even though years earlier Jay had been adventuring with Superman while Barry also fought alongside Supes. Earth 2 was created in an attempt to explain that continuity mess up and Gardner's not thinking things through when he came up with Barry's origin. I disagree that it will be confusing. I'm pretty new to DC and it didn't take me long to figure out the multiverse thing prior to COIE at all. But I also agree that bringing back Earth 2 is just unnecessary. I see no reason why the JSA can't exist on the new 52 Earth like they have been on New Earth for the past 25 odd years.

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#35 Posted by Decept-O (8098 posts) - - Show Bio

@ComicMan24: I agree with what you're saying, my thoughts exactly.

The only thing I would have to say really is that I hope that no more alternate Earths show up. I actually like the idea of an Earth-2, and am curious how this will play out.

I think if the Earth-2 stories are done well, new readers will click with it, they aren't stupid, give them credit.

I think it was mentioned earlier in another article by G-Man we shouldn't worry about continuity. I think that should apply here....hmmmm???

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#36 Posted by RiscazZ (10 posts) - - Show Bio

Realy? Doesn't matter.

DC may have turned the new 52 into a starting point for new readers but you can still relate to all the events that have hapened before. That's the main reason I facepalm myself when I hear/read people complaining about all the changes in these new comics. Just stop for a litle bit. There is no reboot in my pov, and even if it was, does that makes you forget all the great histories you read in all tha comics in the past? No. It doesn't. If you consider that the New 52 is working as much for new readers and veterans alike, then somehow the new earth-2 will make the same sense in all of this.

To me some changes make sense, some dont, some characters don't even seem apealing to read but then again, I've tried to read all of the just to give them a shot and I'll do the same thing with New 52-2. =P

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#37 Posted by GrandSymbiote94 (12297 posts) - - Show Bio
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#38 Posted by Outside_85 (17233 posts) - - Show Bio

Thought the New DC was meant to get rid of some of the convoluted and labyrinthine multiversal issues and now they just bring the biggest one back...just so Justice League can call themselves the first Super Team...

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#39 Posted by ComicMan24 (147651 posts) - - Show Bio

@GrandSymbiote94: lol Good one.

@Decept-O: Even though I still think it is a bit early, one alternate Earth can be handled but more Earths no. At least not at this point. Maybe later, whn things have settled down.

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Well, I write this relatively offhanded, but I really don't see WHY the return of Earth 2 should be a bad idea? In fact - since the success of Marvel's Ultimate universe, which is an alternate reality - I wonder why DC didn't do this much earlier. After Infinity Crisis the "multiverse" returned, there are many different worlds ... including Wildstorm universe (oh my God, how I hope the Wildstorm world still exists out there in the original form ... no downfall of quality, no apocalypse happened) ... and therefore I really wonder why DC did merge Wildstorm with DC, but I do not wonder why they try to seperate their "Golden Age" heroes to a new world where they can reboot them all too in a new, modern way ... maybe even in an world of say 1955? Or in a modern world, but not as the "old heroes" ... they could be young or however aged. However, the Earth 2 concept offers many creative possibilities.

And most of all: It confuses readers much less than a new DCU where nobody knows which part of the characters history is still existent and which not or which events happened an which not. And where the Dick Grayson of the Batman book is totally different to the Dick Grayson of Nightwing ... within the same universe! On the same Earth! THAT'S CONFUSING!

So I agree that the reboot and the confusion it produced in the original universe (or the new DCU - which is the main universe!) is a mess (a bad idea - or better: bad management of a major event by DC) - but I'm waiting since they established all those parallel worlds again that Earth 2 has its revival. Again I wonder why - on the other hand - DC merged the Wildstorm Universe with the main universe and hope that the original WSU is still out there.

So sorry, but again - anot so well figured out "off my mind", in my opinion.

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#41 Posted by Mercy_ (94644 posts) - - Show Bio

@Frobin said:

It confuses readers much less than a new DCU where nobody knows which part of the characters history is still existent and which not or which events happened an which not. And where the Dick Grayson of the Batman book is totally different to the Dick Grayson of Nightwing ... within the same universe! On the same Earth! THAT'S CONFUSING!


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#42 Posted by Frobin (104 posts) - - Show Bio

@Outside_85 said:

Thought the New DC was meant to get rid of some of the convoluted and labyrinthine multiversal issues and now they just bring the biggest one back...just so Justice League can call themselves the first Super Team...

I beg to differ. On first sight you might think (or everybody might think) that the reboot / the DCnU is meant to "convoluted and labyrinthine multiversal issues" ... or better ... usually a publisher would merge universes (like DC and Wildstorm and even Vertigo titles) into one universe to do so ... BUT: it was never meant this way, I'm afraid ... why would DC have established all those parallel worlds after Infinite Crisis?Infinite Crisis has been the event to adress those issues - by (re-)establishing all those parallel worlds. And I say: that's a not so bad idea (since the Ultimate Marvel universe has been a huge success).

In fact I'm waiting since Infinite Crisis to see more stories and more books of all those worlds - and of the return of Earth 2.

The reboot after Flashpoint is ok when used to split off the heroes of Earth 2 - but then I don't see a reason on the other hand to merge the DCU with the Wildstorm Universe (WSU). And of course it's a mess with all those discrepances and conflicts with continuity (within the same universe).

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Personally, I seriously doubt that Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman will even exist in the new version of Earth-2. My guess is it'll only be the JSA on Earth-2 and everyone else will stay on Earth-1. Mostly, I feel like they're doing it as fan service, but they're keeping it seperate from the New 52 to avoid confusion from new readers, not add to it. New readers can pick up the new Flash book without knowing who Jay Garrick is and they won't have to worry about it. It will be interesting to see how the Huntress mini-series plays out, though, since it seems to have ties to both the New 52 and Earth-2 somehow.

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#44 Posted by Decept-O (8098 posts) - - Show Bio

@ComicMan24: I have to agree with a good portion of that. However I am not too keen on more than one alternate Earth. I think DC could "fit in" a lot of the other alternate versions of characters and stories on one Earth if done right. I am in the school of thought of having just an Earth-2 and that's it.

Whether anyone likes this or not, it is fun to speculate!

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#45 Posted by The Stegman (37293 posts) - - Show Bio

Just when i thought i couldn't respect G Man any more, he writes this, yet another article i agree with!! i've been saying for weeks bringing back Earth 2 is a bad idea, the whole point of this relaunch is to make Dc comics more accessible to new readers, how is that possible when they'll be thinking "oh there's Two Supermen?" "wait, is Alan scott apart of the Green Lantern Corps??" Why is there a Helena Wayne, and Helena Bertinelli??" i just think having two earths with the exact same heroes occupying them would be confusing to new readers, if Dc wants the JSA so badly, then they should have kept them in the main Earth and made THEM the first heroes, not Superman, it would still work out perfectly  

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#46 Posted by ComicMan24 (147651 posts) - - Show Bio


I think that DC should wait first a year or two to clearly establish the new universe before introducing an even newer one. But who knows, it may work form the best.

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#47 Posted by Outside_85 (17233 posts) - - Show Bio
@Frobin: Well it is a matter of personal opinion that I think DC's Multiverse was best left forgotten, wasn't ever used after Infinite Crisis other than being the resting place for the New Gods and all in all I was quite happy with having the JSA as predessor to the JL and having a group of heroes that were inspired by nearly forgotten Mystery Men. Yes Morrisons long awaited Multiversity book gives us a tour of them, but since Flashpoint's happened...couldn't we at least have avoided the question of who belong on what Earth? (It's actually a bit like Multiversity and New Teen Titans: Games occupy the same category, relics of a bygone age, well written and received but ultimately holds no weight continuity wise (ofc this is just me speculating about Multiversity...))
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But I thought continuity in comics doesn't matter anymore?

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yeah, they already brought back 52 earths and then did absolutely nothing with them and then Morrison's "Hyper Crisis" idea was cut up, watered down, and reduced to what we got in Final Crisis. And now none of that mattered/happened. DC needs a steadier hand.

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A silly article. DC has already pretty much abandoned the idea of "New readers" by making their books mostly inaccessible to them. The concept of Earth 2 should puzzle just about no one these days, with alternate universes making the Discovery Channel, movies, and TV, not to mention sci-fi books and multiple other comics. Meanwhile, DC does get an upside for those few who are confused by Power Girl and Supergirl existing in the same universe, but not by multiple Robins or Batgirls just to name a couple of obvious examples. And they get their own version of the Ultimates, where they can tell stories involving versions of the characters without effecting the main continuity. And being Earth2, they can have their cake and eat it too, with annual of whenever crossovers.

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