New Justice Leage series (Dark & Odyssey)

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I have always been interested in Super Heroes, especially DC characters. But its only recently that I started reading comics. I started reading when DC began their Rebirth. So far I have been enjoying a subscription to the following;

Justice League, Green Lanterns, Green Arrow, Flash, Hellblazer, Teen Titans & Batgril Birds of Prey.

I have been reading that DC are making changes to the Justice League line up, and will have two new series. Justice League Dark, and Justice League Odyssey. I'm really interested in reading the Odyssey series as I like the characters of Jessica Cruz & Starfire, plus adding Darkside to the mix sounds interesting.

I read online that their was a main series and a mini spin off I should read first that sets up Dark & Odyssey. They are Dark Knights Metal series & its spin off that's yet to come out No Justice.

I have read parts of Dark Knights Metal as they had crossover issues with some of the other series I read. So now Im after some help on where to start with the Dark Knights Metal series. I have been looking at buying them but their seems to be lots of issues ladled as issue 1 for example The Red Death, The Casting, The Forge and so on. On the covers of some of these issue 1's is a label marked as a Metal Tie in.

So which is the correct place to start? and when do the crossover issues take place in the Metal series? (for example will it say now go read flash issue ** to continue)

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anyone able to advise me? im still confused.

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