Need help where to start with Batman/Bat family

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so I want to get in to batman but dont know where to start I also want to get the other bat family comics too and read about the other bad guys and so on I was looking at the year one dvd is that all of the comics rolled in to a dvd? confused how many vol are there for year one and where is the best place to buy them im from the uk thank you for you guys help

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Year one is just the story of batman's first year fighting crime. I actually started with the new 52 Batman series then I've gone back and read killing joke long Halloween under the red hood etc.

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You should check out Batman by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo from the New 52. It's an amazing series. Start with Volume 1 The Court of Owls and continue from there up to Vol. 10 Epilogue. You can also try Batman and Robin by Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason that features Batman with his son Damian the fourth Robin which is a really good book. This series also has several Bat-family members appear as guests. Start with Vol. 1 Born to Kill and continue from there up to Vol. 7 Robin Rises. The current run of Detective Comics from Rebirth features many Bat-family members too but that won't be collected until next year. The same with the current Batman series which is also great, it starts coming out next year. Since you asked about Year One it's only collected in one trade paperback. It's not necessary though if you read Scott Snyder's Batman. His Vol. 4-5 Zero Year feature an updated origin of Batman, one that I personally prefer to Year One. And of course you should always check older Batman stuff to learn more about Batman. Finally, I think amazon would be your best bet at getting those.

I hope I was able to help. If you have other questions feel free to ask.

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@shadow077: I have already answered this question on multiple thread. I can't do it right now but will come back to give you a true complete answer. In the meantime you can go to the Batman page and look at the recommended readings. But it's only Batman and not his Familly.

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Year One, The Dark Knight Returns, The Man Who Laughs, Batman and the Monster Men, Long Halloween/Dark Victory, No Man's Land, Grant Morrison's Batman/Batman and Robin/Batman Inc run, Paul Dini's Detective Comics run, Batman: The Black Mirror, Scott Snyder's Batman run, Tom King's Batman (Rebirth)


Robin Year One, Nightwing Year One, Chuck Dixon's Nightwing, Peter Tomasi's Nightwing, Morrison's Batman and Robin, Batman the Black Mirror, Grayson, Tim Seeley's Nightwing (Rebirth)


Chuck Dixon's Robin run, Grant Morrison's Batman/Batman and Robin/Batman Inc run, Peter Tomasi's Batman and Robin run, Robin Son of Batman, We Are Robin/Robin War

Batgirl/Birds of Prey:

Batgirl Year One, Chuck Dixon's Birds of Prey, Gail Simone's Birds of Prey, Kelley Pucket's Batgirl, Bryan Q Miller's Batgirl, Gail Simone's Batgirl, Hope Larson's Batgirl (Rebirth), Batgirl & the Birds of Prey (Rebirth)


Catwoman: When in Rome, Ed Brubaker's run, Genevieve Valentine's run


Batwoman Elegy, New 52 Batwoman Vols 1-4, Tynion's Detective Comics (Rebirth)


Gotham Central

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Thank you everyone for the help so there are other year one like Robin Year One, Nightwing Year One I am new to comics how many vols are in them or are they all in one book?

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@shadow077: Here is my full answer as I told you before.

In the DC timeline there has been 3-4 eras with 2 major reboots and rebirth:

  • 1938 to 1986 : the golden age followed by the silver age (aka pre-crisis)
  • 1986-2011 : the modern age (aka post-crisis or pre-flashpoint)
  • 2011-2016: the new 52 (aka post-flashpoint)
  • 2016 (june)-ongoing: Rebirth <- it is an event that revives the modern age heroes (while keeping the few good things about new52)

You guessed the 2-3 major reboots :

  • 1986 : Crisis on infinit earths
  • 2011 : Flashpoint
  • 2016 : Rebirth

Each era can be read seperatly. But currently the most complete era is "the moder age". It doesn't mean that the other eras are bad or don't have interresting comics to read.

I recommande reading from the modern age on in chronological order

Now who is part of the Bat-familly ?

  • Batman - Bruce Wayne
  • Alfred Pennyworth
  • Robin I / Nightwing - Dick Grayson
  • Robin II / Red Hood - Jason Todd
  • Robin III / Red Robin - Tim Drake
  • Robin IV - Damian Wayne
  • James Gordon - GCPD
  • Batgirl / oracle - Barbara Gordon
  • Batwoman - Kate Kane
  • Huntress - Helena Bertinelli
  • Lucius Fox - Wayne Enterprise R&D
  • Batwing - Lucas Fox
  • Azrael - Jean-Paul Valley

Here are my recommendation list (in chronological order) :

  • Batman: Year One - Batman origin story
  • The man who laughs - Joker origin
  • The long Halloween - Two-face's origin
  • Dark Victory - Long Halloween sequel
  • Robin: Year One - Robin I's origin
  • Batgirl: Year One - Batgirl's origin
  • Nightwing: Year One - Nightwing's origin
  • The killing joke - Oracle's origin
  • A Death in the Familly - Robin II's origin
  • A lonely place of dying - Robin III's origin
  • Batman: Sword of Azrael - Azreal's orgins + Batman/Oracle
  • Vengeance of Bane - Bane's origin
  • Knigthfall (Knigthfall/Knightquest/KightsEnd) - Big Batman/Azrael/Bane arc
  • Prodigual - Dick Grayson substites for Batman
  • No man's land - Big post Apocalyptic arc
  • Hush - Hush's origin
  • Birth of the Demon (Son of the Demon + Bride of the Demon + Birth of the Demon) - Ra's Al Ghul and Talia Al Ghul's origins
  • Under the hood - Red Hood's origin
  • Batman & Son - Robin IV's origin
  • Batman: R.I.P - Dr Hurt and the Black Glove's origin
  • Final Crisis - Death of Batman
  • Batle for the Cowl - How the Batfamilly deals with the death of Batman
  • Batman Reborn - Dick Grayson is Batman partroling with Robin IV
  • Batwoman: Elegy - Batwoman's origin
  • The return of Bruce Wayne
  • Batman Incorporated (Batman Inc. + Demon stars + Gotham's most wanted) - Creation of a Batman Franchise
  • Batman: Court of owl (court of owl + night of owls) - Court of owl's origin
  • Batman and Robin (new 52) - Bruce/Damian relationship - Read trades 1-3 before the end of Batman Incorporated
  • Batwoman new 52 (6 trades)
  • Batman rebirth special
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The New 52 Batman series is a good place to start, then I would recommend reading the current Detective Comics series.

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I'd say the best intro to Batman is the most recent stuff. The New 52 with Snyder is very dark and one of the most praise worthy Batman runs. Or recently Batman rebirth has been lighter and as good. As to other bat family titles for the love of Batman read Batman and Robin New 52 with Tomasi and Gleason. Epic run, so many emotions. And the recent Detective comics is a good who's who in the bat family.

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@ultimatepower6: @kcomicfan: Nooooo ! The New 52 is not the place to begin with Batman. It is to skip like the end of the 90's. I won't explain why Scott Snyder's writting is poor in this run, there are other threads on the subject. And a lot of much Better Comics to read.

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@jb681131: I completely disagree, The New 52 is a perfect jumping on point for Batman. "Poor" is not a word I would ever use to describe Snyder's writing. In my opinion, Snyder's Batman run is solid from beginning to end, and is a must read.

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I recently started reading Batman with the start of Rebirth. In addition to picking up Tom King's book. I read Snyder's Court of Owls and the Black Mirror. Both story arcs were excellent. Killing joke is also a good read. I used the recommendations from the top 100 storylines in the forum. A lot of them are good suggestions. I wouldn't focus too much on reading order and instead pick up which arcs seem interesting.

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Thank you everyone It really is a big help I will get them all lol right now I got Batman year one and court of Owls on its way to me oh and I got Robin:son of batman 2015 p.s what does/is 6 trades mean?

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also can I buy comics like how you can buy manga where there is like 3 vols in one book? (I have been getting Bleach manga) since 2001 lol it seems to be easier to buy digital then paper amazon don't really have alot on there right now they have a few, does DC reprint any of there stuff?

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@shadow077: 6 trades means 6 books. a trade is book that gathers single issues.

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@shadow077: Your welcom but I did skip Catwoman :

* When in Rome

* Ed Brubakers Catwoman Run

* Hush

* Paul Dini's Detective comics and Streets of Gotham runs

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@jb681131: /or anyone else that can tell me :) ok new question with the detective comics I have been reading a few of the older ones form the 1937 I got 27 to 32 but anyways I can see some of the newer ones that go up to #900 and something are they connected or separate stories?

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@shadow077: I've already answered that. But to be clear.

The Golden and Silver age are somewhat connected (Depends on the hero).

The Modern age is completly disconnected from the Silver age.

The New 52 is disconnected from Modern age exept for Batman and Green Lantern.

Rebirth is a mix of New 52 and Modern age.

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@shadow077: Learn to speak and formulate your sentences before criticising anything or anyone.

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@jb681131: huh? Wait what? 😐😦 I didn't criticize anything or anyone.??? I said it to my self when I said oh poo you did I was saying that for my lack of my reading I did not mean that in anyway of being rude

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It depends on what you already know about Batman and I mean every little detail even if there's huge gaps between the events you are aware of that happened in Batmans life then we can go more in dept about where you should start

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