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#51 Posted by eternalreturn (1 posts) - - Show Bio

 I think it's time to resurrect this thread. This is due in part to potency of geraldthesloth's ideas regarding the nature of Bruce Wayne.

One thing for sure is that Bruce Wayne is still Bruce Wayne. He isn't Orion disguising himself as Bruce Wayne disguising himself as Batman; my understanding of reincarnation is that the reincarnated person will not behave like his past life but will exhibit some wisdom and maturity in their youth as if that person  already experienced it before. That's why precocious children are called "old souls".
After reading Return of Bruce Wayne I'm beginning to be more convinced by it:

Orion connection: (Take a look at the constellation on Batman's left.) This page condenses all of Grant's recurring symbols he's used throughout his run and may even confirm the theories talked about on this thread.

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Darkseid reincarnation in Doctor Hurt:
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Ideas are like viruses, they need hosts to survive and replicate. Viral videos need people to share the video for it to become potent enough. The New Gods are "self-aware" ideas, meaning they act on their own accord and spread themselves around.

In addition, the reincarnation theme has been quite apparent in Final Crisis and in Grant's Batman run. Darkseid's Servants were reincarnated to Earth to spread his dark idea, the Monitor Nix Uotan was reincarnated as a human being as The Bleed faded away.

I appreciate what Grant has done for the Batman mythos: Superficially, for making Batman as the greatest hero in all of DC mythology for beating a God and more subtly elevating him to Godhood with the Orion connection. I don't understand why people dislike his attempt of giving Batman a literary quality in addition to his pop culture leanings or even accuse of him of self-indulgence, expanding a character is far better than keeping him  in the confines of the same rogues and the same dark city and the same paranoia.
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#52 Posted by entropy_aegis (20947 posts) - - Show Bio
Because they are frank miller loyalists who think batman should stay in gotham and fight penguin,neverminding the fact that kane and finger had him fighting superpowered beings before he fought joker.    
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#53 Posted by entropy_aegis (20947 posts) - - Show Bio
@Dark Walker:
Darkseid is essence of all evil in DC ,he is every where ,why do you think he calls himself "the hole in things" ? he is the imperfection in all of us ,it has nothing to do with superman or batman,i would rather read stories like these then fail detective stories where he is constantly outwitted by housewives(jean loring),skinny rejects(alberto falcone,riddler)or fat,bald women(sofia gigante).
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#54 Posted by DFChewie (151 posts) - - Show Bio

Wow, just found this post. By now this would be ignored post-Flashpoint, but I like to think that on New Earth this remained true. Spiritually, if nothing else. (I refuse to call the post-Flashpoint Earth "New Earth," it's called the DCnU).

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#55 Edited by SmoothJammin (2661 posts) - - Show Bio

I know everything was squared away before the reboot but I'd like to remind you how mind blowing/amazing this theory was.. It looks like you put alot of heart into it, great job

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#56 Posted by YMCMB (161 posts) - - Show Bio

This is really old but it's been bugging me lately, I know Orion didn't reincarnate as Batman, but did Darkseid incarnate in Hurt? At the end of Return of Bruce Wayne and during Batman and Robin 16 Darkseid and Hurt have some really similar lines and Bruce said Darkseid was trying to incarnate in Hurt, did he succeed in doing it or not?

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#57 Posted by VaizD (256 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd like to go on record here and say, even two years later, I still find this far more compelling than how Morrison actually wrapped things up.

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#58 Posted by cameron83 (8548 posts) - - Show Bio

@Gylan Thomas said:

Interesting but I doubt it'd go that way.
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#59 Posted by jackiplier (301 posts) - - Show Bio

Oh, my, god.

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I’d like to point out some close connections between the movies and the Batman who laughs comic. In the Batman who laughs Batman and joker become the same person through the plotting of the joker and barbatos. Barbatos loves chaos and wants to send the world into Chaos and in the dark knight movie you hear joker say he is a agent of chaos while later on you see in Batman vs Superman while Batman is at his parents grave when Batman is attacked by a vague Bat creature and it all turns out to be a dream. which could be related to anything while barbatos resembles a bat in the comic. could these be connections to the one hit the Batman who laughs or are they just coincidences?

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