Current DC universe Hierarchy

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God being the top. From him down does anyone have a current DC Universe Power Hierarchy. That makes sense?

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Just my Opinion:

The Presence (With GEB)
The Presence (without GEB) = GEB
Michael = Lucifer (though Vertigo just make things difficult to understand) =(?) The Source
Spectre (full powered, no jobbing) = Radiant
Superman Thoughtbot (ugh! I hate this "cheat" plot device) = Mandrakk
Emotional Entities
COIE Anti-Monitor
Quintissence = (?) Darkseid = Guardians of the Universe = Kismet

Haha! I just know I'm sooooooooooo wrong.. LOL

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My own class

- Tier 1

  • The Presence

- Tier 2

  • Elaine Belloc

- Tier 3

  • Meshta
  • The Great Evil Beast
  • Rama Kushna
  • The Source

- Tier 4 

  • Lucifer Morningstar
  • Michael Demiurgos

- Tier 5

  • Anti-Monitor (full form)
  • Death (of The Endless)
  • Mandrakk the Dark Monitor (Dax Novu)
  • Thought Robot
  • Ultimator (10th Dimensional being)
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@Supreme Marvel said:
" My own class

- Tier 1

  • The Presence

- Tier 2

  • Elaine Belloc

- Tier 3

  • Meshta
  • The Great Evil Beast
  • Rama Kushna
  • The Source

- Tier 4 

  • Lucifer Morningstar
  • Michael Demiurgos

- Tier 5

  • Anti-Monitor (full form)
  • Death (of The Endless)
  • Mandrakk the Dark Monitor (Dax Novu)
  • Thought Robot
  • Ultimator (10th Dimensional being)
What about Tier 6? 7? 8?
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@Supermanwithatan01: I don't see them as important to the ones I listed. I could carry it on. But I thought the guy wanted the top dogs/
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@Supreme Marvel said:
" @Supermanwithatan01: I don't see them as important to the ones I listed. I could carry it on. But I thought the guy wanted the top dogs/ "
Please do. Lol I'm the guy. Top dogs help but major characters matter more.
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@Supermanwithatan01 said:
" @Supreme Marvel said:
" @Supermanwithatan01: I don't see them as important to the ones I listed. I could carry it on. But I thought the guy wanted the top dogs/ "
Please do. Lol I'm the guy. Top dogs help but major characters matter more. "
Oh, duh, just saw now.
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this is the one I saw years ago from KMC

 1) Beings/Forces who are beyond any creation (Beings that even Hypertime does apply to them)
The Presence/The Overseers

The Source/Carnivore with Presence's power/Gyges and Garamas/Ultimate Light/Ultimate Darkness (Ultimate Darkness and Ultimate Light are the balance of the Presence)/The Voice/The Unnameable One

The Decreator/Lucifer Morningstar/Archangel Michael/Elaine with Michael's power and Demiurgic Energy/The Adjudicator/Spectre/Eclipso (Wrath of God)

Archangel Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael, Michael (Chaos Bringer), Saraquel, Raguel

2) Hypertime abstract Beings/Forces (beings that could affect the whole Hypertimeline)
Hyperman (God of Hypertime Jonathan Kent)

World's Funnest Mr. Mxyzptlk and Bat-Mite (May not be the Central Hypertimeline or 'in-continuity' Mxyzptlk or Bat-Mite but still existed from a different hypertimeline)

3) Multiversal abstract beings/forces (beings that could affect the Multiverse)
Una, the Worm of Heaven and Hell/Ea/Mallo Keeper of the Cosmic Balance/The Sword of Destiny/The Word/The Void/Demiurgic Energy/The Witching Hour /Anti-Monitor (full version)/Entropy or Krona at full potential/The Great Light (no relations to the Ultimate Darkness or Ultimate Light)/The Darkness (could be the Anti-Monitor's shadow servants merged as one. But that's debatable)/Godwave/The Ultimator or 10th dimensional beings/The Abyss

4) Universal abstract beings/fundamental forces who embody a universe (Beings that could affect a single universe)
Kismet or Eternity (same being , but the name Pre-Crisis Superwoman called her universe in Superman Family Arc)/Death/Infinity (The Timestream)/Oblivion (Nothingness)/Angor/Entropy (End of Time after everything dies)/Maltusian Gods/The Moraiei/Three Witches/Other forms the Witching Hour manifest itself throughout the universe/Destiny/Dream I/Dream II/Darksome/Yk'Kphat/the Antechamber of Souls/The Great Tree/The Abyss (Pre-Boot Dial H For Hero Villain)/5th dimensional imp king or queen (Queen Gzntplzk or King Brpxz)/Omega Attractor/Epoch with Omega Attractor/The Oracle Entity/Maaldor/Ningal/The Aleph/Order/Chaos/Willow and her husband as one (one with the universe)/OA/Quantum Field/Speed Force/Parallax Entity/Azarath/Astro-Force/Omega Effect/Alpha Energy/Zero Hour Parallax (full power)/Ion/Sunbust energy/The Shadowlands/Joker with Maaldor Power/Mr. Mxyzptlk/Bat-Mite/Lkz/Ykz/The Mxy Twins (Mxyzptlk split into 2)/A typical 5th dimensional imp (Zrffians, Thunderbolts, and Mite-Imps) (average showing)/Emperor Joker/Cosmic Lotus/Nebula Man

The Concentrator/The Primal Atom/The Sun-Stone/Genesis Box/Warlogog/Warlogog wielder/Damage (Big Bang)/Anti-Matter Cannon/The Master Blaster

5) Abstract Concepts/physical body and manifestations of the Presence
Destruction/The Decay ancient force/Anomaly (also known as Fires of Creation itself)/Desire/Despair/Dellirium/The Union/Dark Lords of the Ultra-Realm (War, Chaos, Madness, Hate, Death, Greed and Rage), Light Lords of the Ultra-Realm (Peace, Grace, Enlightenment, Love, Order, Life and Bliss)/Rama Kushna/Meshta/Wally the God Boy/Godhead

6) Physical body and manifestations of abstract concepts
Black Racer/Black Flash/Nekron I/The Ecrus/Anti-Life Entity/Anyone wielding the ALE/Eon (full power)/Decay II/Tiamat

7) Godlike Metahumans/1st class Metaphysicals, Semi-Abstract, God-Like beings, race, Demons, Angels/Metaphysicals that could affect the universe
Hamilton Benedict/Gemini Entity/Alexander Luthor/Gemworld Dimension (currently Amethyst's spirit)/Jonathan Kent/Progenitor (Element Lad reaching his full potential and becoming God of a galaxy)/Progenitor and Omnipagues (merged as one being)/

The Promethian Giants/The Quantum Mechanics/The Anti-Matter Man (Pre-Boot)

Ramiel/Duma/Sandalphon/Archangel Amendaniel/Lord of Order (Shatru, St'ann, Terataya, Ynar, J'akk, Nabu the Wise, Patagones, Amethyst)/Lord of Chaos (Child, Gorrum, Hytuurnus, m'Shulla, Shivering Jemmy, The Weaver, T'Charr,The Shallow Brigade and the Laughing Dancers,The five original Lords of Chaos,Typhon, Vandaemon, Zanadu)/The Unity/Shattered God/SHAZAM's Elder Gods (Marzosh, Arel, Ribalvei, Voldar, Elbiam, Lumium)/S'ivaa The Destroyer/The Shadow Elements race/The Three Demons - Rath, Ghast, Abnegazar/Clockwerx/Trigon (in his dimension)/Krona/Bedlam/Dominus/Jakeem Thunder/Johnny Thunder/30th Century or present Mordru/The Great Darkness Saga Darkseid/Doctor Manhattan/Satan/Spear of Destiny/Azmodus (like the Spectre varies)/Shaitan/Shathan/Ultimate Man (fully evolved)/Ganthet possessed by Parallax/Superman Prime/Wonder Woman channeling the Godwave/Starbreaker/Yuga Khan/Imperiex/Brainiac 13/Fenris the Devourer/Omniphagues/Overmaster/Epoch/Vyronis/Preacherverse God/King of Tears/The Devil/Corinthian/The First of the Fallen/Saint of Killer/Angel of Death/Time Trapper I (Rokk Krinn)/Time Trapper II (Lori Morning?)/Glorith/Infinite Man/Timeless Ones/The Time Beast/Kulak/Eclipso (depowered and became Heart of Darkness)/Abraxis/Dr. Destiny/The Agents/Dark Angel/Zatanna and Adam (Godhead)/Agent If and the Realtor/The Carnivore (pre-God)/Cykroth/The Evil One/Maggedon/Alien Ator of the Timeless Place/Primordial Old Gods of Chaos/The Lords of Light/Nether-World Gods/Satan (Phantom Stranger issue pre-boot)/Willie Wisher/Father Time/Captain Skull/Cocoon of the Undying Ones

8) 1st Class Metahumans, supernatural, and aliens/2nd class Metaphysicals,Semi-Abstract, and God-Like beings/race/Demons/Angels
The Unimaginable/Unimaginable's race/Candlemaker/Egregores/TDHD MadGod of Sector 3600/Millinneum Giants/Cosmic Gamblers/OWner of the Earth/The A/Rift/Neron/The Second of the Fallen/The Third of the Fallen/The Endless One/Old Gods- Arzaz, Baaldur, Lokee, The Nameless One, Sirius, Wotan/A typical 5th dimensional imp (varies) (low showings)/The I/Luck Lords/X'Hal/Agamemno/The Aurakles/The One/The Fiend with Five Faces/Erishad's baby/Outer Gods (Shub-Niggurath, Azathoth, Yog-Sothoth, Nyarlathotep)/Elder Gods and the Old Ones (Cthulhu,M'Nagalah, k'zum'uggarth, Daemoniacus, Kolkothak, Koth-Shugoth, The Undying Ones and the N'Garai)/Netherworld Creatures/Andromeda and M'onel given powers by the Anomaly/The ID/The Miracle Machine/Parallax (Post Zero Hour)/Jericho (vessel of Azarath)/Zauriel (angel form)/Asmodel/Pax Dei host/Thrones/Saraphim/other angel host that Gabriel or Sandalphon are in charge of/Earth-Born Angels- Supergirl (angelic powers), Comet, and Blithe (if they actually use their powers), Twilight with Supergirl's Earth Born Angel Power (still has it I believe)/Jesse Custer/Genesis/The Light Entity/Leviathan (Phantom Stranger pre-boot)/Asmodeus/Oblivion II/Secret (full potential)

Sun Eater/Mr. Nebula/Cannibal Planet/Aquarius/Other Living Stars/Council of the Living Stars/Solaris/Morbiac the Zombie Star/The Vampire Sun/Mogo/Empire of Tears/Wonderworld inhabitors- Adam One, The Mote, and other Wonderworlders/Manhunter of Mars/Parliaments of Planets/Earth Elemental Swamp Thing/The Ancient Ones/Maya/Gaea

Monitor/Anti-Monitor (before he absorbed the multiverse)/Scarabus

 9) Skyfather levels
Highfather Izaya/Darkseid/Takion/Stayne/a typical Guardians of the Univese/Ganthet/Phantom Stranger/Zeus/Odin or any skyfathers/SHAZAM wizard/The Controllers/The Zamarons/Guardians Council/Qwardians (creator of the Anti-Green Lantern Corps)/Ares/Harmonia/Deimos/Eris/Phobos/Thunderhead/Helia/Odin/Osiris/Mother Herrae and other Primitives/Osirect/Anubis/Hades/Cronus/Harrier/Disdain/Titan/Slaughter/Arch/Oblivion/other skyfathers and death gods/Superman 1 million/Superman Dynasty/Koth/The Seven/Wonder Woman (Goddess)/Animal Avatars Gods (Hawkgod, Snakegods, Beargods, Bullgods, etc.)/Rao and other Kryptonian gods/Gog/Evil Avatar Raven/Trigon's Daughter Raven/Lord Satanis/Trigon (on Earth)/Infernal One/The Redeemer/Mister Miracle (ruling New Genesis)/Stone Giant's race/Parliament of Flames/Parliament of Stones/Parliament of Waves/Parliament of Trees/Parliament of Vibes/Blaze/Lord Satanus/The Three Faces of Evil- Terror, Sin, and Wickedness/Validus (Pre-Boot)/The Powerstone or anyone wielding the Powerstone/Metron/Red Jack/Rhea Jones (reaching her full potential before killing Red Jack)/Shadowy Mr. Evans/Saint of Killer/Dark Gods/Lois Lane (Goddess of Integrity)/Dreamslayer/Spirit King/Ultimate Man/X'ult/Evolvo harnessing the space and time Anomaly/Willow/Willow's chils/Snapper Carr (genetic potential)/Human race (genetic potential)/Jesse Custer/Genesis/The Ancient Ones/Xenon/Disciple/H'ronmeer/C'eridyall/The Four Horsemen of Apocalypse - Death, War, Faminine, and Plague (manifestations of The Adjudator's will)

10) Time-travelers/2nd class metahumans, supernatural, and aliens
Extant/Waverider and Linear Man/Hourman III (without the worlogog)/Gabriel Walker/Doomsday with GL Ring/Decay III/Brimstone/The Annihilator/Eon (depowered)/Godfrey Gaius (true form)/Black Zero/Gayle Marsh (Psi)/Lex Luthor (portion of Darkseid's power)/Penguin (portion of Darkseid's power)/Joker (portion of Darkseid's power)/Brainiac (potion of Darkseid's power)/Agogg/Pre-Crisis Superman/Pre-Crisis Supergirl/Pre-Crisis Kryptonians/Pre-Crisis Daxamites/Mon-El/Pre-Crisis Superboy/Pre-Crisis Wonderwoman/Pre-Crisis Andromeda/Bloodthirst (could be higher, not much is known about him except that he could change his appearance and he beat the crap out of Superman)/Monarch/Dev-Em/OWAW Doomsday/Doomsday War Doomsday/Goldstar/Triumph given powers by Lkz/Pre-Crisis Maxima/OWAW Superman (merged with Strange Visitor)/Pre-Crisis Ultraboy/Superwoman (Kristen Wells)/Hunter and Prey Doomsday/Element Lad/Element Man/Starfinger/Star Boy/Kid Quantum II/Kid Pyscho/Graviton Man/Gravity Lord (both could be higher)/Superboy Robot (pre-crisis)/Atmos/Brother Blood/Dr. Light (full potential, enraged, and very crazy)/Dr. Light II/Superboy of the 843rd Century/Superboy 1 million

11) Herald-Class Level/3rd class angels, metahuman, supernautrals, and demons/Hulk-Level
Helspont/Lord Defile/Saviour/Regis and Blue Aliens/Preacherverse Devil/Dark Lantern/Dark Flash/Fernus/Burning Martians/Vartox/Amazo/The OMAC Androids/BION/Composite Superman/Garok/Dr. Fate/Dr. Fate II/Dr. Fate III/Dr. Fate IV/Tim Hunter/Tim Hunter II (Tim Hunter's evil counterpart from another universe)/Anti-Fate (high portrayal in the Fates and TM)/Kestrel I/Krestrel II/Composite Man/Deadman (varies)/Green Lantern Priest/Creator-2/Zatanna/Jennifer Morgan/Janissary with Book of Eternity/Despero/Zoom 2/Shaggy Man/The General/The Elementals (Swamp Thing, Red Tornado, Firestorm, Naiad)/Orion (highest showing)/Brainiac 2.5/Doomsday Rex/Sun-dipped Superman

Martian Manhunter/Malefic/Hyperclan- A-Mortal, Armek, Fluxus, Primad, Protex, Tronix, Zenturion and Zum/Green, Pale, Red and White Martians (at their best)/Alan Scott/Kyle Rayner/Raker/Hal Jordan/Kilowog/John Stewart/Guy Gardner/typical Green Lantern (highest showing)/Wally West (highest showing or using Speed Force)/Sinestro/Effigy/Nero/Major Force/Captain Atom (highest showing)/Firestorm I and Firestorm II (highest showing)/Celeste Rockfish/Cobalt Blue/Kilg%re/Obsidian/Dr. Polaris

Superman/Mr. Majestic (could be ranked higher)/M'onel/The Martians (average to high)/Kryptonians/Daxamites/Andromeda/Captain Marvel/Lightray/Black Adam/Eradicator/Martian Mahunter/Alan Scott/Kyle Rayner/Raker/Hal Jordan/Kilowog/John Stewart/Guy Gardner/typical Green Lantern (average)/Ultraman/Orion (average showing)/Captain Atom (average showing)/Doomsday/Firestorm I/Firestorm II (average to high)/Breach/Max Faraday/The Void/Providence/Manchester Black/Power Ring/Massacre/High-Tech/Anti-Green Lanterns/Malefic/Green Martians/Rhea Jones/Preus/Cyborg Superman/Mongul/Zatanna (average showing)/Auron/Radiant/Despero/Thor/Captain Comet/Starboy/Starman I/Starman II/Starman III/Starman IV/Starman V/Starman VI/Starman VII/Starman VIII/Starman 1,000,000/Lord Malvolio/Jade/Evil Star/General Zod/Ignition/Kancer/Warrior/Lex Luthor (Armor)/Manchester Black/Triumph/Strata/The Crusade/The Union/Golgoth/Superman Robots/Superman Androids/Brainiac/Pulsar Stargrave/Ultivac/Manhunters/Darkstars/Arion/Dr. Occult/Echantress/Steel (Aegis Entropy Armor)/Ultraboy/Warlord of Ys/Anti-Matter Man/Antithesis/Brainwave II/Ferro Lad/Cosmic Boy (pre-Crisis)/Gaius (in coma)/Lobo/Etrigan

Wonder Woman/Circe/Maxima (high showing)/Samaritan/Apollo/Icon/The Martians (low showings)/the Green Lanterns (average to low showings)/Captain Atom (average to low showings)/Maul/Solomon Grundy/Uncle Sam/Death Rite (Draaga)/Hercules/Mantis/Ultra Boy/Captain Marvel Jr./Mary Marvel (high showing on the Marvel sidekicks)/Geoforce (high showing)/Faora/Arclight/Son of Vulcan/Bizarro/Thor/Wanjina/Red Tornado/
Body Defenses of the Owner of the Earth/Kalibak/Grayven/Superwoman/Zealot/Validus (Post Zero-Hour)/Steve Dayton/Solaar/The Olympian/Ferro/Cosmic Boy (post-Crisis)/Scanner/White Drawf/Drone/4D/The Key/Imperiex Probes/Heralds of the Owner of the Earth/Terraformer of the Owner of the Earth /Jenny Quantum

Adam Strange/Animal Avatars (Hawkman,Hawkwoman,Lord Viper, avatars of Bears, Barracudas, Snakes, etc.)

12) Lower Class metahumans
Powergirl (high showing)/Hippolyta/Barda/OMAC (Buddle Blank)/Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel Jr. (standard)/Maxima/Fury II/Loose Cannon/Blockbuster I/Blockbuster II/Touch 'n Go/Jack-o-Lantern

Flash II (high showing)/Flash III(post terminal velocity)

Power Girl (standard to low showings)/Mary Marvel/Cap Marvel Junior (standard to low showing on the Marvel)/Donna Troy/Artemis & Hyppolita (highest showings)/Superboy (high showings)/Aquaman (with full on TP and magic hand)

Flash I/Flash II (standard)/Flash III (pre terminal velocity)/Dr. Zoom/Impulse/Johnny Quick/Captain Speed/Kid Flash (former Impulse)/Reverse Flash/Savitar/Speed Demon/Max Mercury/Johnny Quick/Red and Blue Trinity/Christina Alexandrova/Jesse Quick/Barry West/Kid Flash 2/Impulse/23rd Century Flash/Sela Allen/John Fox/speed Metal/Blaine Allen/Jace Allen/Tornado Twins/Hyperguard/Inertia/XS/Flash Kryad/JOhn Fox/Impulse II/Superboy (standard)/Wonder Girl/Aquaman (hook/mechanical hand + full on TP)/Steel/Natasha Irons/Metamorpho/Starman(low showing)/Thunder/Grace/Kid Impala

Atom Smasher/Colossal Boy/Hourman I and II/Geoforce (standard)/Black Lightning/Static/Black Lightning/Jenny Sparks/Vera Black/Behemoth/Scirocco/Prometheus (Hybrid)/Pulse-8/666


Aquaman (not full on TP)/Jay Garrick (standard)/Rival/Stargirl/Hawkman/Hawkgirl/Hawkwoman (standard)/Plastic Man

Wally West (Return of Barry Allen)

Silver Age Aquaman/Atom I/Atom II/Apparition/Aqualad/Aquagirl/Aruna/Gorgon/Harpi/Pteradon/Black Nebula/Elongated Man/Flow/Tasmanian Devil

14) 1st clas humans
Overbat (Mitefall)/Croc/Batman's Dark Knight Armor/Vixen/Ragman

15) 2nd class humans
Batman (both Pre-Crisis and Post-Crisis)/Bane/Richard Dragon/Bronze Tiger/Blackwing/Warmaker One/Mr. Terrific/Deathstroke/Deadshot/The Joker/Two Face/Nightwing/Robin/Red Hood/The Husk/Black Mask/Green Arrow/Arsenal/Connor Hawke/Batgirl/Catwoman/Lady Shiva/The Squire/The Knight (Ultramarine)/Fleur-De-Lis/Goraiko 

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Tier 6
  • Anti-Life Entity
  • Ion Entity
  • Parallax Entity
  • Phantom Stranger
  • Spectre (fully powered)
  • Superman-Prime (DC One Million)
  • Mister Majestic (God Mode)
  • Nekron 

Tier 7
  • Eclipso (fully powered)
  • Endless, The (Destiny, Dream. Destruction, Desire, Despair, Delirium)
  • Godwave
  • Lords of Hell within their realm (Azmodus, Neron, Satan, Satannish, Satanus, Shaitan)
  • Trigon (within his realm)

Tier 8
  • Archangel Gabriel  
  • Eclipso (high powered)
  • Infinite Man
  • Spectre (high powered)
  • Time Trapper
  • Darkseid (The Great Darkness Saga)
Tier 9
  • The 5th Dimensional Imps
  • Mr. Mxyzptlk
  • Lkz
  • Yz
  • Bat-Mite
  • Qwsp
  • Kal Kent (5th Dimensional Queen Powered Superman)
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Within the DCU post-flashpoint, excluding Vertigo... because they seem to operate on a different world, incomplete list:

Tier 1 (omniversals): God, Superjudge, The Empty Hand.(Basically the people who can affect it all pretty much from where they are)

Tier 2 (multi-universals): Barbatos, Darkseid, Trigon, Blight, Pralaya. (Things that are a danger to multiple universes because they can move between them as they see fit.)

Tier 3 (universals): Spectre, Trinity of Sin, 'Over' Monitor, Omega Titans, Emotional Entities, Guardians. (Powerful stuff that for one reason or another sticks to being in one universe.)

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