Bloody DC animated movies

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It seems that after each movie they are increasing blood.It dosnt matter when it fits with movie tone like Flash point but they are using it unnecessarily.

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Blood is the least of our problems...
After the Dark Knight Returns, DC's animated movies have dropped a lot in quality. They are full of cheesy dialogue with souless voice acting, horrible and uneccessary action scenes so they can fill one hour because the plot is thin as hell! And the animation, god so rediculous.

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Like @squalleon: said, blood is only one problem. Just look at the vulgarity, as well. Hal calls Bruce a "douchebag" in Justice League: War. Dick nearly tells Damian to go f*** himself and Deathstroke calls Bruce a sperm donor in Son of Batman. I don't mind a bit of crude humor and swearing, but I feel like they've been going over-the-top with it. These are the kinds of films that I want to be able to enjoy watching with both my peers and my younger siblings, the latter of which I do not feel comfortable watching with.

There's also worsening animation - I cannot get over how bad Flashpoint's animation and character models were - as well as horrible pacing, tons of pauses between dialogue, less meaningful themes and plots.

I don't know what is going down at DC animation, but it needs to be changed ASAP. Give us less disgustingly blood-filled fight scenes, and more actual substance.

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I hope assault on arkham will be better

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Haha you saw Son of Batman recently right? I thought the same thing, I actually kind of like it. Maybe it is a little bit over the top but I think it's pretty cool

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DC is using the whole "Japanimation" style in their movies, I personally hate it. The blood has increased a lot (a small cut releases an incredible amount of blood in seconds, damn japanese style) but is a minor problem. Oversexualization, poor dialogue, shitty acting (Alfred and Dick are the only good things in Son of Batman), etc.

DC is trying to get the whole anime fanbase but they do forget the normal fans. Seriously, if Assault on Arkham is shit (the acting is no more a point since we have Kevin Conroy and the animation style is a little better since it's inspired by Carlos D'anda artwork), I will drop DC animation.

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Tons of blood is passable, if your story is amazing and calls for it... yep, we have a problem here.

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My problems are the animation, voices, and lack of meaningful stuff in the movies. The animation now is just crap, its looks horrible.

I have faith in assault of Arkham though. They have the voices from the games and those voices were perfect, especially Kevin Conroy. The jokers in it too and this on will be all about Batman this time.

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I have a bigger problem with how the animation seems to be leaning towards this strange place where characters that are muscular have huge bodies and very small heads sitting on top of them (see Superman in JL: War). That said, I have an even bigger issue with the fact that they now seem to be adapting bad stories in an attempt to sit in the slipstream of the comic universe.

Like they've made JL: War and Flushpoint in order to get the animated world into the New 52... but what else are they going to adapt? What do we as viewer-readers really want to see given the animated treatment? Something Batman with it's billion tie-in's? More material from Johns' hatchet factory? H'El on Earth? Or Forever Evil? Because sadly I think the chance of them venturing outside of their comfort zone of Bats, Supes and JL is very unlikely, unless they go with something completely original, which seems to be unlikely as well.

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i personally have a problem with the lack of good voice actors mostly the animation has improved from flash point so i'm ok but the voice acting and the plots need to be better.

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I can handle the violence if the story,voice acting and characterization matches up.

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I can handle the violence if the story,voice acting and characterization matches up.

DKR got that right.

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I haven't seen Batman and Son yet, but I really don't care how much blood it has.

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DC Animation has gone down the drain in the last year or so. Nothing worth chicken sh*t since The Dark Knight Returns. The animation and voice acting in FlashPoint and especially War... Dear. God. in Heaven.

Why didn't they just stick with the JLU voice actors? Why'd they change their animation quality so drastically?! Why did Bruce Timm have to leave?! Bruce, this all started with you LEAVING, GADDAMMIT!!!

EDIT: I completely forgot about the OP on blood. Blood doesn't bother me but if it starts to get as gratuitous as a Tarantino movie, then maybe they should take it down a notch. I have to admit, I was shocked at the language and innuendo when I first started watching them but I like that as long as their not full on swearing, s'all good. Kids still watch these films.

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It doesn't bother me at all.

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It doesn't bother me at all.

This. I don't really mind it being a little vulgar either. The only DC animated movie that I've disliked recently would be Justice League War. I loved Flashpoint, TDKR, and Year One.

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@akindoodle: What was wrong with the voices in Flashpoint to you? I thought War had really misfitting voice actors, but I didn't really see any issues with Flashpoint other than the Batman actor trying too hard.

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@silverpool: I vaguely remember disliking Flash's voice (perhaps I'm still used to Wally's) but it's the animation that really bothered me on that so I guess I was exaggerating. I still half expect the voices of Kevin Conroy, Tim Daly, Susan Eisenberg, Mike Rosenbaum and co. to come out of their animated counterparts. (But don't even get me started on War). I've found myself increasingly dissatisfied with DC in comics AND animation. It's getting harder to control how much I bash them

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@akindoodle: I never had an issue with Flash's voice, but I can understand the animation with the ridiculous traps and the small heads. Superman's animation was the worst.

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@silverpool: I can't even take him seriously anymore! Not the character, not the people writing the character. It's all gone to sh*t.

And they all had Anime eyes! (and mouths) It did NOT help that I was watching Ouran High School host club at the time.

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look at it this way...... You get more Batman related movies with no sign of any other DC hero getting an animated movie. So yeah have fun with that. I'm surprised DC hasn't killed off the DC heroes and make their comic franchise purely Batman focus given how much they stopped caring about anyone not Batman related.

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It doesn't really annoy me although it's definitely noticeable. Comics are probably the only medium which an animated movie rated fifteen would be released. I can't imagine other kinds of cartoons containing swearing or violence on the level of some DC animated films.

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Why can't we enjoy a good thing? Instead of looking back at the past.

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meh i've seen bloodier

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And now they have Full frontal shots

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