10 Ways DC Has... Benefited From The Reboot

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A year has passed since the start of DC Reboot and naturally, now is the time to assess whether or not it was simply as success or not. Obviously it's difficult to come up with a straight black and white yes or no answer but undoubtedly, there has been failures and successes.

This is the first part of a two part list assessing how DC has benefited and suffered from the reboot in a good ol' fashioned Top 10 list. First off is how DC has benefited from the Reboot!


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When organising a huge event like the New 52, you have to have the chops to back it up. And DC have done that in style, bringing fan-favourite artist Jim Lee to draw the flagship title, Justice League. DC also took some of the industry's best writers and artists to helm many of their new 52 titles on a regular basis including Kenneth Rocafort, Francis Manapul, Scott Snyder and Grant Morrisson, just to name a few. This consistent array of talent was a great incentive to buy the rebooted books that DC was asking many skeptical readers to believe in. In fact, a readers favourite artist or writer is enough to convince a reader to buy and maybe even stick with a title they would otherwise have no interest in. DC has also managed to keep a lot of these creators on board their respective titles creating a consistent title that readers can believe in.


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Undoubtedly, the Justice League is DC's premier team, collecting the companies biggest and most popular heroes into one team. The reboot took the team to it's very beginnings creating a new origin with new dynamics. The opening arc felt like it was written for a movie, creating an un-complicated and enjoyable read for new and old readers.

This may cause some debate as some were unhappy with the title. However, from a marketing perspective, the Justice League has been a complete success. The title was one of the easiest titles to jump on board with as new readers didn't need to know a thing before picking it up. Cyborg was a fresh perspective in the series in which readers could relate to, not only as he was new to this world (like the reader) but also because he represented youth and diversity in a team of practical Gods. 'Justice League' was also written like a blockbuster action film with some of the most famous fictional superheroes known whilst simultaneously giving them an arch-nemesis. With A-List characters and creators, 'Justice League' presented the perfect jumping on point for new readers while also giving old readers something to enjoy which perfectly fitted in with the Reboot's MO.


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One unique feature of the first issues of the new 52 was the mysterious Pandora, appearing in the background of each #1 issue, readers were intrigued by who she was and what she meant. Since then Pandora has shown to be a very important player leading into the 'Trinity War' that, although highly talked about, no one quite knows what it is. A prospect of DC's first major event is exciting and DC have planned it to the letter. One big complaint about Marvel is 'event fatigue', meaning many fans are getting tired of the constant 'game changing' events which take over their titles. But the prospect of the 'Trinity War' is something to get excited about as there have been no major, crossover-ing events yet, well not on the scale of 'AvX' anyway.

While we've had no major events or crossovers, we have had some 'little ones'. A few titles have had some successful crossovers with other titles like the I, Vampire/Justice League Dark crossover 'Rise of the Vampires' and the Swamp Thing/Animal 'Rotworld'. But the major success story of the New 52 crossovers is the Batman family orientated 'Court of Owls'. The event was critically acclaimed and presented the sheer potential the reboot has for new, original storylines, events and crossovers.


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One of the biggest successes of the reboot has been the successful re-invention of Aquaman. While Aquaman is an A-List comic book character, with non-regular comic book readers knowing who he is, he has always been a bit of a joke. This portrayal of Aquaman as a useless merman that 'talks to fish' is often shown in the media from 'The Big Bang Theory' to 'Family Guy'. However, with a few years out of the spotlight (before Brightest Day anyway), the reboot came with an opportunity to turn that around. By using that exact joke in the title, Aquaman proved he was no longer that character. The first issue of his series quickly, but efficiently, re-invented his character. With a new, more aggressive attitude and use of powers, Aquaman has not only become one of the best, most consistent titles in DC, but he's also become the poster boy of what a reboot can do.


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Along with a rebooted universe came a shared universe, with the worlds of Vertigo and Wildstorm joining the DCU. While many were skeptical about this move, the reboot has presented an opportunity to get these fan favourite characters out there without them fading into obscurity. And although these characters no longer exist in their respective companies they do now exist in titles that certainly feel like them.


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The set number of titles along with allocated release dates was a genius move. There's nothing more frustrating for a comic book reader then not knowing when the next issue of their favourite title is coming out. Not only was this a bold move, but also an unrealistic one, creators are only human and they're bound to fall behind their writing/art duties, especially if they're doing multiple titles at once. But DC has managed to pull it off with little to no disruption in the schedule they originally set a year ago. This way fans know when their titles are coming out whilst providing an even spread of diverse titles, creating consistency within a company before the title has even been read.


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The reboot not only changed the titles and characters, but also it's whole marketing brand. With a new logo and new merchandise, the reboot has opened a new look to everything, even outside of comics, including film, animation and toys. The reboot's successfully rejuvenated the brand itself which is no easy task.


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I'll admit it, I'm more of a Marvel guy. In-fact before the reboot, I only picked up a few DC titles. After the reboot I now pick up lots of DC titles. So therefore, the whole purpose of the reboot as worked on me. But one of the things about the DCU that put me off before was it's complicated relationship with alternate/future universes. All the many 'crises' that DC have had over the years made the whole multiverse thing extremely complicated. I couldn't even look into it without getting confused. SO many different characters from different universes, so many dead heroes replaced by their alternate versions and so forth. So with the reboot I was extremely pleased to learn that that had relatively, been scrapped. The new 'Earth 2' has a brand new slate and a brand new series with only Huntress and Power Girl in the main DCU. While the Worlds' Finest title isn't as consistent as Earth 2, the whole concept feels new and un-convoluted and we get to see what appears to be the forming of the new JSA and what will hopefully be a cross between both worlds. I men, we all can't wait to see ol' Bats reaction to his 'daughters' presence.


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Batgirl, Batwoman, Birds of Prey, Wonder Woman, Voodoo, Supergirl, Catwoman, Worlds' Finest and Swords and Sorcery. What do they all have in common? They all feature female leads. The role of female characters and female creators has always been debated. This was a controversial issue when the new 52 first came out with some very explicit and seemingly sexist things going on books like Red Hood and the Outlaws, starring Starfire, Mister Terrific, with Powergirl, and Catwoman. The books featured barely clothed females, respected superheroes in their own right, with a casual sexual demeanor. This, along with the lack of female creators, led to a backlash, with DC being criticized over the role of females at DC. However, since then, a lot of changes have been made. While Catwoman still needs a bit of work, and Voodoo suffered heavily from creative changes leading to cancellation, Starfire's role has drastically changed in the Outlaws and more and more women are being employed from Amy Reeder to the epic Nicola Scott. While things still aren't perfect (Like the Catwoman #0 cover), things are certainly much better and DC women are kicking ass. Along with the female solo and team titles, the future looks bright with characters like Harley Quinn, Amanda Waller, Dawnstar, Zatanna, Bleez, Mera, Fairchild, Mary, Queen of Blood, Wonder Girl and Carol Ferris taking big roles in their respective titles and the upcoming ongoing Swords and Sorcery, staring fan-favourite Amethyst. Hopefully even more female creators can break through and change some comic book stereotypes. There's a time and a place for Cheesecake.

Plus just look at the amount of titles led by women. DC have faith in their females!

It also put into perspective the state of female characters over on the Marvel side in the wake of an X-23 and Black Widow cancellation, leading to Marvel beginning to up it's game with Captain Marvel, an upcoming Red She-Hulk ongoing, Sif taking charge in Journey Into Mystery and hopefully more fixes in Marvel NOW!


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One of the biggest successes and benefits from the DC reboot, has been the critical and sales response towards some of the strangest ongoing titles DC have offered in decades. When the full solicitations of the new 52 were released, I'll admit I, along with many other people, rolled their eyes at titles like I, Vampire and Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. and immediately thought the titles wouldn't last long before cancellation.

But now I eat the biggest slice of humble pie as titles like I, Vampire and Animal Man are some of my favourite ongoing runs ever. Not only this but the 'Dark' and the 'Edge' side (as DC have affectionately named them) of the DCU offer some of the most critically acclaimed titles of the new 52. However, sometimes critical acclaim doesn't always meet sales and O.M.A.C. was one of the first titles to be cancelled. Despite this, the other titles are still going strong, surviving the second and third waves of the DCnU. If DC have any wits about them, they'll leave it that way as the 'dark' and the 'edge' offer a different and unique side to not only the DCU, but also to comics.

So that's my list and the 10 biggest ways I believe DC has benefited from the Reboot. I welcome any kind of comments and would love to hear what are your 10 are. If you disagree with any of my choices, stay tuned for my second list '10 Ways DC has... suffered from the Reboot' as I explore the Teen Titans, Stephanie Brown, Rob Liefeld, pissing off creators and diversity.

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Definitely. Clearly, you have taken a lot of time and effort into this post. Also, to help with your #2 point, it is worth noting that DC has taken considerable effort to make sure we have more female perspectives on Superheroes by adding more female creators. Good move DC.

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@Twentyfive: Thank you, it did! Oh definitely, I thought the female perspective of women in comics would be a controversial one as many are still unhappy, bit I think the reboot has definitely made some great progress

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#3 Posted by Twentyfive (3057 posts) - - Show Bio

@Baddamdog: People were actually unhappy? Holy cow. That fact alone makes me unhappy.

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A very well thought out article. You have covered wide area of thoughts and in a very concise way.. I enjoyed reading it

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On a side note - the point where you said you were a marvel guy and now picking up several DC titles says a lot about new 52 success :):) looks like they have a new fan now :)

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This is an awesome post with undeniable points. While I do love the New 52 for the most part im not going to lie and say there arent elements of the pre Flashpoint universe I miss, but a year and a half ago I NEVER imagined I would be reading books like Animal Man Swamp Thing I Vampire and Wonder Woman!

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I love Animal man and the bat books

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#8 Posted by Baddamdog (2836 posts) - - Show Bio

@kartron: thank you! Lol it's true though, I totally got suckered in, but good comic books are good comic books!

@noj: Thanks! Oh definitely, I'm gonna touch on that on my next blog post. Tell me about it, I wasn't even going to bother picking up I, Vampire and now it's one of my favourite titles.

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Very well done.

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#10 Posted by Baddamdog (2836 posts) - - Show Bio

@Supreme Marvel: thank you!

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I totally agree =^-^=

While I don't feel it was all to necessary for DC to do, it has alot of Pros and to me only one real con, but I'll wait till that list lol

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Great piece!

I'm so happy that you're enjoying the reboot as much as I am!

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#13 Posted by Baddamdog (2836 posts) - - Show Bio

Really interested to see if anybody else would put something different

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Pretty cool post 
Someone should do this but with Image. Something like 10 Ways Image Comics Has Improved Since The 90s

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#15 Posted by Baddamdog (2836 posts) - - Show Bio

@Jonny_Anonymous: Sounds like your the guy to do it! ;)

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Now if only they can fix their movie franchises....

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#17 Posted by Jonny_Anonymous (45774 posts) - - Show Bio
@Baddamdog said:

@Jonny_Anonymous: Sounds like your the guy to do it! ;)

* begins brainstorming* 
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Good Article. clap clap clap clap.

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I totally agree I have even became more aware of cool characters like swamp thing and now I even respect aquaman!

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Neat and nice.....excelent

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I agree with this list completely but the only thing I do not like about the reboot is what they did to Billy Batson (captain marvel)

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#22 Posted by SupBatz (2186 posts) - - Show Bio

@18batman: I haven't read anything with him but I do like the character.

Would you mind spoiling for me what has been going on with him since the reboot?

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#23 Posted by 18batman (36 posts) - - Show Bio

he lives with an adopted family and has this "lone-wolf" personality that IMO does not work

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Great post! I'd say the reboot was a big success, and we got some awesome, unexpected books from it, like Batwing and the new Swamp Thing.

The downsides, of which of course there are:

  1. Missing beloved characters
  2. Inconsistent rebooting within the same group of characters (e.g., Robins vs. Batgirls)
  3. Characters that seemed to lose what made them cool pre-flashpoint (e.g., Static, Mr Terrific, Harley Quinn)
  4. Too much slavish adherence to Silver Age characters; the justice league could've had better variety while maintaining traditional roles
  5. Miscommunication between books--what's the point of rebooting if you're going to have continuity errors right away?
  6. Apparently, editor interference, which has driven both good (Simone) and bad (Liefeld) creators off of books.
  7. Creative team changes that derailed promising books (e.g., Voodoo)
  8. Not enough Booster Gold.
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THE TALENT: They already had most of the same writers and artist, they just redistributed them.

THE JUSTICE LEAGUE: Puting toguether the 7 greatest was the premise in 1960 and 1996, and while Cyborg gives the title racial diversity, the story is told from the start, so they don't need a character who works as viewpoint.

CROSSING OVER: well lesss is more whith cross overs.

AQUAMAN: If new readers are not atracted then all the efort to make aquaman cool is a waste, people who doesn't read the comics still think tha aquaman is lame even after his appearences in JL and JLU.

SHARED UNIVERSE: It was needed? don't know, some of this character could be the new Lobo, but mostly the are goin to be the new challenger of the unknown or the new kamandi.


BRAND RECOGNITION: in watch universe is that a D?

. UN-COMPLICATING THE MULTIVERSE: Is a new begining, lets talk in 10 years.

WOMEN ON TOP: You got a point.

THE UNORTHODOX SIDE OF THE DCU: No diference whith being on the Vertigo line.

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This was a wonderfully written article regardless of the points I can't agree with. We have kind of an opposite situation between the two of us. Over a year ago I was a hardcore DC fan (only reading Marvel for the few of their characters I liked) and I would Talk about how DC had the better structure, the better philosophy and the better approach to their fans than Marvel did. However, After the reboot I find myself unable to even think of 10 things that have improved since Flashpoint.

Now when I say this, I am talking about improvements in the characters and stories, not the commercial successes made by the reboot. By this I mean that just because something makes money, doesn't mean it is worthwhile as a tremendous amount of the entertainments that pull the biggest profits are still crap (the list of such books/movie/shows would be far to long to put here and is all subject to opinion so there is no real point of mentioning it)

Anyway, you make you case very well and that is what makes it a good read regardless of whether or not someone agrees with what you are saying. Well done, and I look forward to reading your opinion on their 10 most noteworthy failings since the reboot, as I am far more likely to find something we agree on.

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#27 Posted by krspaceT (1941 posts) - - Show Bio
Matt Murdock could have made a better costume, and Doomsday a better story
Matt Murdock could have made a better costume, and Doomsday a better story

Please do rant for poor Static and his butchering during the fails of the New 52

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@fodigg: Funnily enough a lot of those are on my next list!

@midnightmare: Ouchh lol so you didn't agree with most of my points, which is cool, is there anything you think they've done well?

@krspaceT: He will certainly be coming up!

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#29 Posted by fodigg (6244 posts) - - Show Bio

@Baddamdog: I'm really hoping "not enough Booster Gold" makes the cut.

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#30 Edited by midnightmare (100 posts) - - Show Bio

They took out the red shorts off superman.

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#31 Posted by Khadija (41 posts) - - Show Bio

There is nothing objectionable about barely-clothed and/or sexually promiscuous women. What kind of 14th century Ascetic bullshit are we trying to pull here? Like Superman isn't naked? The dude spray-paints his pants on.

I don't really care whether it's a man, woman or android from Zalbur who writes my comics; I care if I like the comic. There is no reason every damn field in the industry has to be representative of a random sampling of the population for Christ's sake.

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#32 Posted by kasino (2036 posts) - - Show Bio

I still don't like an overload of heroes

maybe its just me but everytime I read a comic I'm wondering why everyone isn't there

keep the hero line up small or go over the timeline or to space but keep the justice league to a recognizable roster people

each member could have there family that can team up with other JL members family(outsiders/titans)

but world of villains to justify needing a Superman finally, I love Supes but no reason to have him and crime if there is enough heros to villains ratio

yea while my pst isn't the neatest I would like a neat universe

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#33 Posted by TitanTempest (351 posts) - - Show Bio

@midnightmare: If u dont have anything positive to say, why say anything at all.... Learned that growing up, just thought I'd share lol

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#34 Posted by Baddamdog (2836 posts) - - Show Bio

@TitanTempest: haha thanks dude

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#35 Posted by fodigg (6244 posts) - - Show Bio

Glad to see this get bumped since it's a good blog. One thing I noticed re-reading:

No Catwoman or Starfire? I am shocked! Shocked I tell you! [/snark]

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#36 Edited by ComicMan24 (147655 posts) - - Show Bio

Well-written post. Nice job. Don't necessarily agree with everything here but still nice.

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#37 Posted by krspaceT (1941 posts) - - Show Bio

@Baddamdog: Erm, when is the suffered side coming out anyway?

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#38 Posted by MrArrogant (161 posts) - - Show Bio

A great list which I enjoyed reading, I especially agree on the last point; I remember before properly buying DC monthly I was reading Blackest Night in hardback and saw all the supernatural characters and thought "Man I'd love to know where I can read about these characters" so I greatly appreciate books like Animal Man, Swamp thing and even I, Vampire (which completely surprised me!). Looking forward to the failures list, you had me at Liefield :L

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#39 Posted by KINCART (370 posts) - - Show Bio

I'll admit I was a little interested in Swamp Thing before the reboot started. I thought I, Vampire, Animal Man, and Justice League Dark all looked like jokes but now they are by far my favorite four of the titles I buy every month.

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#40 Posted by iHailCarlo (95 posts) - - Show Bio

Agreed. Very well thought out post. I personally DC is as strong as ever. I hope WB continues to get these movies right, Man of Steel up next!

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1. The reboots generated a lot of interest since new customers have a jumping on point and old customers were curious what the changes were. I recommend dc do reboots or revamps or relaunches every january so new customers can jump in every january of every year. 2. The reboots also resulted in improvements in most of the properties but more reboots are needed such as the recent one done to save the Green Arrow title which faltered in the first year of the reboot. DC will need more reboots or revamps to save properties like Justice Society, Legion, Hawkman and Firestorm. I think even Aquaman needs more improvements. 3. I liked that some Vertigo writers were doing super heroes so we did see more adult treatments on some properties. 4. The reboots also resulted in the stronger integration of the Vertigo and Wildstorm characters into DC similar to how the COIE integrated the Charlton properties into DC. COIE was nice in that even earth 2 characters ended up on the main earth so post COIE Justice League got Dr Fate whereas post-flashpoint, Dr Fate is only being used on earth 2 right now. I hope dc will put all the old earth 2 properties also on the main earth like in post-COIE. I am ok with earth 2 having a Dr Fate and main earth also having its own Dr Fate and Justice Society. I recommend to put all the properties on the main earth such as Helena Bertinelli who was recently used in Arrow TV show. 5. The reboots allowed some old characters to be changed into minority characters such as Morgan Edge, etta candy, etc. Many titles had minority characters in the lead but many of these titles failed. Dc needs to do more titles with minority characters such as Katana and Vibe. 6. DC also launched more titles with women as lead characters and more are needed. 7. DC also tried other genre like western, war, etc. and many titles failed but dc should not give up since manga is able to have many genres altho manga does not do integrated universes and each title is independent and is more accessible to new customers. DC needs to do more independent titles and avoid crossovers. Limit crossovers to event titles which tend to be limited series. Right now, Wonder Woman solo title has been allowed to be quite independent so it is more accessible. 8. Retaining the multiverse is a good idea but it should be used only sparingly to avoid confusing new customers. Also all the properties should be on the main earth to be easier to use but it is ok to have some duplicates in the multiverse if the duplicates are not used often in stories to avoid confusion. 9. DC tried to put some characters from the future into the 21st century to interact with the other dc properties. The right way is just reboot legion into the 21st century. The 21st century stories can benefit from all of the United Planets mythology built over the many decades of the legion titles. It would be fun to see Justice league vs legion of super villains. 10. The reboots allowed dc to revive lesser known old properties like Blackhawks, Resurrection Man, etc. but most of these failed. DC did try to reuse these characters in other books but many are nowhere to be seen such as Hawk and Dove.

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