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    Collecting some of YOUNG JUSTICE's greatest hits, as previously seen in the pages of YOUNG JUSTICE SECRET FILES, YOUNG JUSTICE: THE SECRET #1 and YOUNG JUSTICE IN NO MAN'S LAND #1!

    The Secret -
    Robin, Impulse, and Superboy are interrogated after an incident with DEO and the capture a dangerous entity. After discovering that the gaseous creature is actually the young girl, Secret, and finding out just what the DEO had been putting her through, the boys try to put together the plan to set her free.Secret Files - Secret asks her new friends of Young Justice to help her get some fellow kids with powers out of DEO's stronghold. Once in the team is accidentally attacked by hallucinations of Justice League made by one of the girls they came to rescue. The pair of girls, Casey and Claire, were trying to warn them about the DEO's trap, and instead help them end up helping the team discover the DEO's files on a number of heroes, themselves included, and even some villains. With this new information, they delete all the information the DEO had on them, and plan the escape of all the other captured kids.

    Short comics include:

    Impluse's race to meet his fellow Young Justice members, Robin and Superboy.

    Agent Fite and Agent Maad recapture the Mighty Endowed.

    Superboy's tour of the Young Justice Headquarters. No Man's Land - Lagoon Boy stumbles upon Kobra submarines while heading for Gotham. At the same time Batman has banned Robin from entering Gotham with everything going on in the city since the quake. So Impulse and Superboy decide to head to Gotham to help, Robin chasing after them. Once there the two boys run into one of Poison Ivy's plans, while Robin picks up Lagoon Boy, before meeting up with them to help in the fight. Batman shows up to help finish the job and kick them out again. Before they get too far out of the city, Lagoon Boy tells them about the Kobra ships in the water and with the help of his friend Blubber, easily take out the army before they get to their destination.


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