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The JLA: World Without Grown-Ups

These 100-page Spectaculars are nice when they collect a prestige mini series.  Fluidly combined with the loss of a cover, the mini series reads better collected this way. At $5 each, this square bound edition does not save too much money and ultimately is not needed if you have the original prestige.
The JLA: World Without Grown-Ups story is a great read.  Very fun and exciting seeing the youthful counterparts of the totem DC Characters shine in this tale where the Grown-Ups are helpless to save the day. This story focuses on the three most important youths of the DCU: Conner Kent (Superboy), Tim Drake (Robin then, grown up Red Robin now) and Bart Allen (The successor to the Flash mantle in due time).  This is a coming of age story especially for those three young men.
Conner will one day be the most powerful of his peers, Tim will have to be the world greatest detective and Bart gets to be an Allen, take that as anyway you like.  The characters have grown a lot since this comics original printing and it is a nice snap shot of how these heroes found their stride to becoming better heroes.
This is a pretty good read, there were times where I felt the art was lazy, but overall not really a problem.  
- Silkcuts

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