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    Almost perfectly executed

    Whenever anyone thinks of Batman, they think of his colourful array of psychotic or evil enemies.

    Most true Batman fans will consider the top villains of The Dark Knight to be Joker, Ra's Al Ghul and Bane. If ever a story was done where two of them team up, a true Batman will hope to high heaven that a competent writer takes the mantle.

    Thankfully, this story pairs the Joker and Ra's Al Ghul splendidly.

    The storyline is fitting. Ra's wants to annihilate the world and finds Batman always gets in the way. He turns to the clown prince of crime as a resolution to finally ridding him of the Batman altogether.

    The story has many highlights. We get another ingenious display of insanity from Joker as he effortlessly conjures up a method to ridding 95% of the humans on the planet. There is plenty of dark humour from the Joker. He calls Ra's Al Ghul "Al". We even get Joker in the Lazarus Pit.

    I would've given the story a 5 out of 5 however: -

    • Joker sits in a plane with Alfred Pennyworth. If Bruce Wayne has constant media coverage in Gotham, surely Alfred would be easily recognisable to someone like the Joker.
    • Joker places a transmitter on Ra's Al Ghul submarine before he was shot. Where did HE gets a transmitter from in a domain only for the purpose of the Ghul himself?
    • Ra's Al Ghul knows who Batman is. Isn't it strange that he never once let Joker know Bruce Wayne was Batman?

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