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It's a double job for Superman when Captain Comet turns villain and Brain Storm turns hero!

In the skies over Metropolis, Superman battles against Brain Storm. Though Brain Storm seems to be holding his own against the Man of Steel, inexplicably he suddenly teleports away. After Superman cleans up the damage caused to Metropolis by Brain Storm, he resumes his civilian identity, Clark Kent. Returning to his apartment building, Kent runs into his neighbor, John P. Alstrom, a neurotic man obsessed with air pollution. Brain Storm sits in his own apartment, mourning the slow loss of his powers. Soon enough, his helmet will no longer function for him. At the Metropolis Science Expo, Adam Blake is taking in the exhibits when a piece of technology suddenly runs amok. Blake switches to his costumed identity, Captain Comet, and quickly resolves the crisis. Afterwards, he agrees to an interview with reporter, Lana Lang. Watching the live feed on his television, Brain Storm sees in Captain Comet a possible solution for his dilemma. Broadcasting his most evil thoughts out to Captain Comet, Brain Storm draws Captain Comet to him. Brain Storm uses his last vestiges of power to steal Captain Comet's psychic abilities.

Captain Comet suddenly falls to the floor, and begins rapidly evolving. He becomes a physical powerhouse with a savage demeanor. Fixated on reclaiming his lost powers, Captain Comet attacks Brain Storm. Their conflict carries them out into the city, eventually landing on the roof of Kent's apartment building. Alstrom, out peering through a telescope to view Halley's Comet, ducks for cover. In the melee, Brain Storm loses his helmet, which Alstrom recovers. Alerted to the sounds of combat, Kent investigates, as Superman. The Man of Steel intercedes on Brain Storm's behalf, quickly discovering that Captain Comet is more than a match for him. Each blow that Captain Comet lands sends powerful electrical charges throughout Superman's nervous system. Placing Brain Storm's helmet on his own head, Alstrom inadvertently broadcasts his own anxieties about Halley's Comet into the populace of Metropolis. Superman catches Captain Comet in a water spout, then traps him by freezing it with his super-breath. Brain Storm contacts Superman, telepathically, with a theory about Captain Comet's condition.

Apparently, Captain Comet always had the ability to physically evolve into a "future man", but suppressed that ability with his mental powers, which Brain Storm stole. Captain Comet violently breaks free from the ice, momentarily stunning Superman. Captain Comet returns to the Metropolis Science Expo, with Superman in close pursuit. Brain Storm arrives to lend a hand. In his newly evolved form, Captain Comet is immune to Brain Storm's powers, leaving the arch-villain with no way to transfer Captain Comet's abilities back to him. As Halley's Comet becomes visible to the naked eye, the citizens of Metropolis, under Alstrom's post-hypnotic command, go berserk. Superman realizes that Brain Storm's lost helmet must be in Alstrom's possession, and goes to retrieve it. Superman breaks into Alstrom's apartment and takes possession of the helmet. Placing the helmet on Captain Comet's head restores Captain Comet to normal. Captain Comet then uses the helmet to calm the populace of Metropolis. Once the crisis has passed, Captain Comet uses the helmet to draw back the abilities Brain Storm stole from him, leaving Brain Storm completely powerless.

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