DC Comics Presents #83

    DC Comics Presents » DC Comics Presents #83 - Shadow of the Outsider! released by DC Comics on July 1985.

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    It's up to Superman, Batman and the Outsiders (Black Lightning, Halo, Geo-Force, Katana and Metamorpho) to take on the Outsider and Ira Quimby (I.Q.), in "Shadow of the Outsider!"

    Batman initiates a training exercise for the Outsiders. Their mission objective is to capture the Batman within a five minute interval. Halo illuminates the room to reveal the Batman's location, then fires upon him with her laser. The Batman deflects Halo's attack with a simple mirror. To foil Katana's attempt to track him by the sound of his breathing, Batman scatters ball bearings across the floor. At that moment, Alfred enters with refreshments. Alfred trips on the ball bearings, knocking himself unconscious when he hits the floor. Unconscious, Alfred under goes a metamorphosis that transforms him into the Outsider. Geo-Force leads the effort to subdue the Outsider, but is stopped when he is grabbed by an enormous stone hand, created by the Outsider. Black Lightning frees Geo-Force. Katana strikes next, but the Outsider renders her intangible, so that her blade passes harmlessly through him. In her immaterial state, Katana begins to sink into the ground. Halo uses her tractor beam to rescue Katana. Metamorpho converts his body into gas, and attempts to smother the Outsider, to no avail. As the team regroups with Batman, the Outsider fades away. Batman reveals that, once, when Alfred was at death's door, his life had been saved by a scientist. While the experimental treatment did save Alfred's life, it also transformed him into the Outsider. On three separate occasions, Alfred has become the Outsider. Each time, Batman and Robin were able to defeat him. This time, Batman resolves to make the last.

    Meanwhile, Superman arrives in the midwest to dissipate a tornado. Superman flies in a tight circle in the opposite direction of the tornado's winds, at super-speed, but the tornado remains unaffected. Suddenly, Superman sees the face of the Outsider within the tornado. Superman uses his super-breath to freeze the water vapor within the tornado, but once again, the tornado stands. Superman draws the tornado into a tunnel underground, but the tornado breaks back up to the surface. With the Outsider's power stymieing Superman's every effort to destroy the tornado, Superman switches tactics, and flies away. Superman, Black Lightning and Geo-Force arrive at Wayne Manor, in search of the Outsider. Black Lightning locates the Outsider in the Batcave, and is taken out before Superman or Geo-force can react. While Superman tends to the injured Black Lightning, Geo-Forces engages with the Outsider. Geo-Force finds himself having to combat the giant mechanical dinosaur, in the Batcave, when the Outsider brings it to life. The Outsider then hurls the Giant Penny trophy at Superman, converting the copper of the penny into Kryptonite, as it lands on the Man of Steel. Meanwhile, Batman, Metamorpho, Halo, and Katana have tracked the Outsider's brainwaves to a house outside of Gotham City. Once inside, they spy Alfred's body, prone on the floor. Halo leaps to his aid, but Batman's Batarang reaches "Alfred" first, detonating the booby-trapped dummy. As the smoke clears, the true mastermind behind the Outsider's return is revealed, Ira Quimby, alias I.Q.

    Quimby sends in a goon squad to deal with the Outsiders, but Katana, single-handedly, holds them off, while Batman, Metamorpho, and Halo rush Quimby. I.Q. floors them all with a blast from his helmet. Back in the Batcave, Geo-Force uses his null gravity power to give Superman the strength to resist the Kryptonite. Superman hurls the penny back at the Outsider, knocking him out. With the Outsider unconscious, the penny reverts back to copper, and the mechanical dinosaur becomes inanimate again. As the Outsider's power begins to slip away, Alfred's consciousness revives. Superman urges Alfred to resist I.Q.'s control over him. Distracted by Alfred's resistance, I.Q. is surprised when Metamorpho floods the chamber, destroying I.Q.'s computers. With I.Q's command center destroyed, the tornado in the midwest dissipates. Alfred more quickly returns to himself. Before all of his Outsider power fades away, Alfred erases I.Q's knowledge of Batman's identity. Before Alfred can discern where I'Q.'s hundred year crime is to occur, the Outsider power leaves him. Batman, however, has already deduced that the evidence of I.Q's "Hundred Years Crime" can be found in front of Wayne Enterprises. Metamorpho excavates a time capsule, buried across the street from the Wayne Enterprises building. The capsule contains a note from I.Q. confessing to stealing a Batarang and a diamond Superman compressed from a lump of coal. Each of the stolen items are also within the capsule. Batman and the Outsiders return to Wayne Manor to tend to Alfred.


    • Alfred Pennyworth also appears as the Outsider.
    • Robin cameo flashback appearance.

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