DC Comics Presents #78

    DC Comics Presents » DC Comics Presents #78 - The Triad released by DC Comics on February 1985.

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    Superman and the Forgotten Heroes must stop the Triad from controlling the universe! Who is this mysterious figure watching over Earth?

    1. Cover by Eduardo Barreto.
    2. "The Triad" written by Marv Wolfman, penciled by Curt Swan, inked by Dave Hunt, colored by Gene D'Angelo and lettered by Ben Oda.

    Animal Man, Cave Carson, Congorilla, Dolphin, Immortal Man, Rick Flagg and Rip Hunter, collectively known as the Forgotten Heroes, along with Superman, have been hurled into the future, by 18th Century Polish wizard Krakow, to combat the Faceless Hunter From Saturn. The alien giant rains stones down upon the heroes. Superman vaporizes the majority of the stones with his heat vision. One, however, gets past him. The falling stone is about to crush Dolphin, when the Immortal Man pushes her out of the way, taking the fatal hit himself. Superman and Congorilla topple the Faceless Hunter From Saturn. Burying the Faceless Hunter From Saturn beneath the desert sand, Superman than fuses the sand into glass, before striking his opponent. Superman carries the Faceless Hunter From Saturn high into the air, only to lose his grip, when his hands begin burning. Animal Man soars skyward to enter into the combat. Superman blocks the Faceless Hunter From Saturn from felling Animal Man, before taking the giant down, with a double-fisted haymaker. His foe defeated, Superman interrogates the Faceless Hunter from Saturn, regarding the Enchantress' and Krakow's scheme. Rotting in prison on his home planet Klaramar, the Faceless Hunter From Saturn was approached by the Enchantress. The evil sorceress offered the villainous alien his freedom, in return for his tracking down the location of a third, alien, sorcerer, to complete the Triad with her and Krakow.

    The Immortal Man returns to life, reincarnated as a young boy. Superman flies the Forgotten Heroes into space, en route to the alien sorcerer's planet, Yggardis. The only route to Yggardis takes the heroes through a red star system. Superman is forced to turn back, or else lose his powers under the red sun. Superman takes the Forgotten Heroes to the water world, Qaria. For several moments, Dolphin believes that her own origins may have began on Qaria, but the native inhabitants' gills put the lie to that notion. Though the Qarians do not possess space travel capability, they put the heroes in contact with the Space Cabby. Dissension begins to form in the ranks of the Forgotten Villains. Mister Poseidon, The Atom-Master, and Ultivac fear that the Enchantress, once gaining ultimate power from the union of the Triad, will not honor her promises to them. The Enchantress, Krakow, and the alien sorcerer of Yggardis begin the ceremony to increases their sorcerous might. The alien sorcerer lashes out at Space Cabby's shuttle, forcing him to crash land on a different world, before he can reach Yggardis. As feared, the Enchantress, having gained ultimate power, turns against her "allies" in the Forgotten Villains, and begins to conquer the world, solely for herself. Superman, Space Cabby, and the Forgotten Heroes are rescued by Chris KL-99, and his two alien companions, Jero and Halk. The band of heroes finish their journey to Yggardis, in Chris KL-99's starship, The Pioneer.

    Arriving in orbit over Yggardis, the Pioneer comes under attack from enormous steel tentacles, rising up from the very planet itself. Before he can help, Superman is caught in the grip of a tentacle, and dragged down into Yggardis' molten core. The Forgotten Heroes mount a rescue operation, led by Carson, to retrieve the Man of Steel. With the Triad complete, Krakow uses his sorcerous might to conquer the past, while the Enchantress dominates the present. Refusing to become the Enchantress' thrall, the Atom-Master creates a nightmarish creature to oppose her. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Mister Poseidon instructs Ultivac to lend his power to the Atom-Master's assault. Taking on the attributes of an alien "gopher", that lives in the molten core of Yggardis, Animal Man pulls Superman out of the magma pool. The band of heroes makes their way back to the Pioneer. Realizing that the planet Yggardis itself is the alien sorcerer, Chris KL-99 bombards the surface of Yggardis with the Pioneer's laser cannons. Suffering immense pain, Yggardis breaks off his connection to Krakow and the Enchantress. The Triad broken, all three sorcerer's suffer an immense loss of power. Moments away from defeat at the hands of the Forgotten Villains, the Enchantress uses the last of her fading magic to teleport away. Having said their farewells to Space Cabby and Chris KL-99, Superman flies the Forgotten Heroes back to 18th Century Poland, to retrieve Hunter's Time Sphere, and Carson's Mighty Mole. There they find Krakow's castle fortress in ruins. Having watched the entire affair, the Monitor, with his assistant, Lyla, makes ready to initiate his own machinations.


    • "Meanwhile..." contains a tribute to Don Newton by Dick Giordano and Pat Bastienne.

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    Animal Man's powers and pseudo Starjammers. 0

    I think this easily overlooked issue could even be considered an essential for the reason that the end pages lead to possibly THE most famous and most important crossover event in DC history. Actually, Crisis has already started unraveling when we get to this, sort of. Other than that, I was impressed by the cast of heroes, but not necessarily the villains. Sure, the plot is,.. I don't even know if I disliked it. It was ok, had some crazy sci-fi and space travel, and a habitable but also LIVING ...

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