DC Comics Presents #77

    DC Comics Presents » DC Comics Presents #77 - Triad of Terror! released by DC Comics on January 1985.

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    The Forgotten Villains face the Forgotten Heroes, Superman faces the Atom-Master, and Animal Man must face Superman who has been transformed into a dragon!

    1. Cover by Eduardo Barreto.
    2. "Triad of Terror!" written by Marv Wolfman, penciled by Curt Swan, inked by Dave Hunt, colored by Gene D'Angelo and lettered by Ben Oda.

    Mister Poseidon works out the precise calculations to fire himself, via cannon, over to the Fortress of Science, without being killed on impact. Shrinking himself down, Mister Poseidon fires the cannon, and arrives, safely, outside the Fortress of Science. Cave Carson, Dolphin, Immortal Man, Dane Dorrance, Animal Man, Rick Flagg, Congo Bill and Rip Hunter, collectively known as The Forgotten Heroes, hold a press conference. Within the Fortress of Science, Mister Poseidon takes possession of Ultivac, using the power of the hulking robot to make his escape. The Forgotten Heroes are alerted to Ultivac's presence in the skies of Metropolis. Animal Man is the first to engage Ultivac, immediately getting blasted from the sky. Ultivac then takes out the entirety of the Forgotten Heroes' roster, with one shot. Mister Poseidon delivers Ultivac and the Forgotten Heroes to the Enchantress. Superman arrives at the First National bank to foil the Atom-Master's robbery. Atom-Master converts the dust in the very air into nightmarish creatures that restrain Superman. Superman still manages to disable the Atom-Master's helicopter. The Atom-Master, though, merely creates bat-wings, and soars away. Through a scrying pool, the Enchantress contacts Kraklow, and reports on the forward progress of their mutual plan. Ultivac tries to convince Mister Poseidon to give it autonomy, to no avail. Ultivac's sensors pick up Superman's conflict with the Atom-Master. Mister Poseidon orders Ultivac to intervene on the Atom-Master's behalf. Ultivac teleports the Atom-Master to the Enchantress' lair.

    Mister Poseidon introduces the Atom-Master to the Enchantress, who has no interest in allowing the Atom-Master to join them. By tracking the unique radiation signature of the Atom-Master's helmet, Superman locates the criminals' hideout. Ultivac is able to hold Superman off just long enough for the quartet of villains to teleport away. After freeing the Forgotten Heroes, Superman joins them, in Rip Hunter's time sphere. The band of heroes journey to 18th Century Poland, to confront Kraklow. Holding the Atom-Master responsible for drawing Superman to her, the Enchantress threatens to kill him. Only after Ultivac points how useful the Atom-Master's power could be to their group, does the Enchantress spare him. The instant Superman and the Forgotten Heroes arrive in 18th Century Poland, Kraklow transforms Superman into a dragon, using a dragon fetish in his possession. While the rest of the Forgotten Heroes take the time sphere back into the time stream, Animal Man takes on the super-dragon. Taking on the very attributes of the super-dragon, Animal Man is able to best the creature. Animal Man, Dolphin, and Dane Dorrance approach Kraklow's castle from the river. The rest of the team approach from underground, via Carson's Mighty Mole. Though sharks protect the river, Dorrance and Animal Man are able to easily deal with them. A rockslide blocks the Mighty Mole's underground route, but Congo Bill, having transferred his mind into the more powerful body of Congorilla, clears the obstruction. Kraklow summons the super-dragon to his castle. Flagg grabs the dragon fetish from Kraklow's hands, and hurls it into a burning brazier. The super-dragon transforms back into Superman. Surrounded by Superman and the Forgotten Heroes, Kraklow summons the Faceless Hunter From Saturn, to destroy them.


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