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Once again, Bizarro defeats his comrades in the Bizarro-Justice League of America. Welcome to the Bizarro World. It is a planet almost entirely populated by imperfect duplicates of Superman and Lois Lane. Societal law dictates that all actions must be preformed contrary to the way they are done on Earth. To further parallel his counterpart's life on Earth, Bizarro #1 has created imperfect duplicates of the membership of the Justice League of America. One such member, the Yellow Lantern, is regarded as the Bizarro World's greatest hero, for his cowardice. To give his Justice League adversaries to battle against, Bizarro #1 begins creating imperfect duplicates of the Justice League of America's enemies. The first, Bizarro-Shaggy Man only sits and thinks. The Bizarro-Joker is the only sane man on the Bizarro World. Considered failures, Bizarro #1 next turns to creating a Bizarro-Amazo. Unlike the actual Amazo, who can duplicate the skills and abilities of it's opponents, Bizarro-Amazo actually steals those traits from it's foes, then transfers them into others. Bizarro Amazo begins to drain and collect all the powers of the Bizarro-Superman populace, then transfers said powers into non-powered Bizarro-Lois Lanes. Bizarro #1 approaches Bizarro Amazo in his guise as Bizarro-Clark Kent, tricking Bizarro Amazo into returning Bizarro #1's super-powers. To prevent the Bizarro-Superman populace from playing the same trick on Bizarro-Amazo, over and over again, Bizarro-Amazo departs for Earth, where there is only one Superman who can trick him. Bizarro #1 leaves the Bizarro World to warn Superman of Bizarro-Amazo's coming.

At the Galaxy Broadcasting Building in Metropolis, Perry White holds a meeting with Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen. Out in the corridor, Olsen encounters Bizarro #1, in his guise as Bizarro-Clark Kent. Olsen immediately summons Superman, via his signal watch. No sooner has Bizarro #1 apprised Superman of the situation then Olsen becomes Bizarro-Amazo's first victim. Olsen suddenly begins moving at super-speed, racing right through the wall of the Galaxy Broadcasting Building. Hovering several stories above the ground, Olsen realizes that he can fly. At that same moment, Morgan Edge discovers he possess super-strength, when he slams his fist down on his desk, and shatters it. On another floor, Josh Coyle flies up into the ceiling, in front of a stunned Lana Lang. Olsen takes photographs, while Superman and Bizarro #1 engage Bizarro-Amazo. The Man of Steel and his imperfect duplicate are battered by Bizarro-Amazo. Their mightiest blows do more damage to themselves then to Bizarro-Amazo. Powered by literally hundreds of imperfect duplicates of Superman, Bizarro-Amazo possess powers far in excess of Superman's and Bizarro #1's. Bizarro-Amazo's only seeming weakness is it's unfamiliarity with those powers. a weakness Superman believes he can exploit. Superman, Bizarro #1, and Olsen plan their strategy, while hiding in the clouds. Superman and Bizarro #1 hurl an entire building into the sky. When Bizarro-Amazo tries to grab it, they maneuver the building out of it's grasp, unseen, at super-speed. Superman confronts Bizarro-Amazo, declaring that each time the android gives up super-powers to others, it weakens itself.

Bizarro-Amazo lashes out at Superman, but the Man of Steel blocks the blow with a blast of super breath. Bizarro #1 engages with Bizarro-Amazo. Superman uses his knowledge of the actual Amazo's computerized brain to interfere with Bizarro-Amazo's microcircuitry, causing the android to experience pain, each time Bizarro #1 lands a punch. Believing itself to be weakening, Bizarro-Amazo begins drawing back the super-powers it gave away. As Olsen is closest, he loses his powers first, immediately falling from the sky with their removal. Superman rescues Olsen. Bizarro #1 trails Bizarro-Amazo, preventing civilians from suffering injury once Bizarro-Amazo reabsorbs their powers. Edge and Coyle loses their powers. Having retaken all the powers he gave away on Earth, Bizarro-Amazo heads off into space, to reclaim the powers he gave away on the Bizarro World. Bizarro #1 takes off in pursuit. After retaking back all the powers he bestowed on the Bizarro-Lois Lanes, Bizarro-Amazo declares himself the Bizarro-World's number one villain. Bizarro #1 points out that having power actually makes Bizarro-Amazo undesirable on the Bizarro World. Bizarro-Amazo gives back all the powers he stole, leaving him powerless. BIzarro #1 points out being powerless doesn't make Bizarro-Amazo any better than Bizarro-Luthor, or Bizarro-Joker, who also have no powers. Bizarro-Amazo's solution is to shut himself off. No longer capable of either motion of thought, Bizarro Amazo is lauded as the greatest villain the Bizarro World has ever known.


  • Bizarro-Justice League Headquarters is located under the sea. A total opposite of the Justice League Satellite in space.

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Bronze Age Bizarro-ness! 0

Yeah, the paperback has a Bronze Age story in it, too. I can't rate the Silver Age one (Superman #140) simply because it's a Silver Age story from DC, so in other words, it's ridiculous by default. It's not the worst thing I've ever read, but there are so many things wrong with it from my modern viewpoint. My parents had to read some weird comics, I tell ya.On subject, this story is still on the silly side, but I guess that was the intent, considering it's a Bizarro story. This clearly isn't the...

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