DC Comics Presents #60

    DC Comics Presents » DC Comics Presents #60 - Battle for the Universe released by DC Comics on August 1983.

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    The Guardians of the Universe seek Superman's help to save hundreds of planets from dying and a universe from becoming enslaved in "Battle for the Universe."

    The Green Lantern of sector 8143-12 is murdered by the Weapon-Master's Wraith-Robot, before he can recharge his ring. The Wraith-Robot takes the Green Lantern's Power Battery and turns it over to the Weapon-Master. The Guardians of the Universe enlist the aid of Superman to deal with the threat. First, one of the Guardians leads Superman to a black hole that threatens to engulf an entire solar system. Before tackling the black hole, Superman destroys a meteor shower being drawn, by the black hole, towards an inhabited planet. The Guardian creates an anti-energy vortex cone, and drives it into the black hole. Superman exceeds his limitations, flying faster and faster within the cone, until he has generated the necessary power for the vortex cone to seal the black hole. Superman accompanies the Guardian to Oa, where he is brought before the rest of the Guardians of the Universe. Using the stolen Green Lantern power battery as a conduit, the Weapon-Master has completely drained all the power from the Central Power Battery on Oa. Said power has been stored within an enormous energy crystal. The Weapon-Master uses the energy to rebuild the Dabalyan Will-Paralyzer, an ancient weapon for enslaving the minds of men. Because the weapon is powered by the energy from the Central Power Battery, the Green Lanterns Corps are particularly susceptible to it. Soon enough, the Weapon-Master amasses an army of Green Lanterns, enslaved to do his will.

    Ranakar, a Guardian, is charged with assisting Superman in returning the stolen power to the Central Power Battery, freeing the minds of the Green Lantern Corps, and defeating the Weapon-Master. Before they depart Oa, Tomar Re of the Green Lantern Corps makes a plea to Superman to remember that the Green Lantern Corps is not responsible for their actions under the Weapon-Master's control. Ranakar reveals that it was his negligence that allowed the Weapon-Master to drain the power from the Central Power Battery, thus it is his responsibility to set things right. Entering the outer fringes of the Weapon-Master's space, Superman and Ranakar are attacked by robot drones. Ranakar leaves the destruction of the drones to Superman. Proceeding onward, they are soon attacked by the Weapon-Master's Green Lanterns. Ranakar leaves Superman to deal with the Green Lantern Corps, while the Guardian seeks out the stolen power. Eluding the Corps' attack, Superman flies down to a planetoid, extracts a particular mineral that yields a yellow pigment, then uses his heat vision to bake the pigment to his skin. Due to a necessary impurity in the Green Lantern's rings, their power has no effect on the color yellow. Shielded from the Green Lanterns' assault by the yellow pigment, Superman easily defeats the Corps. The Weapon-Master enters the fray, blasting Superman with intense beams of Kryptonite radiation.

    The Weapon-Master dissolves Superman's protective yellow coating, which allows the Green Lanterns to cage him. Ranakar boards the Weapon-Master's warship. Quickly destroying a pair of Wraith-Robots, Ranakar is about to release the green energy from it's crystal prison, when he is struck down by the Green Lantern, Katma Tui. Ranakar awakes to find himself bound to the crystal, his own life energy slowly being absorbed into it. He sees Superman being held, by the Green Lanterns, in a ring generated cage of Kryptonite. Exerting his own will over their rings, Ranakar converts Superman's cage to ordinary energy. Superman breaks free and engages the Weapon-Master and the Green Lantern Corps in combat. The battle is short-lived, however, when the Weapon-Master fells Superman with a Q-Energy grenade. The Weapon-Master bombards Superman with the deadly Q-Energy. Heeding Ranakar's advice, Superman digs deep and finds the will to fight past the pain. Belting the Weapon-Master, Superman is quick to destroy the energy crystal, freeing Ranakar. The Green energy immediately flows back to the Central Power Battery on Oa. The minds of the Green Lantern Corps are also freed. Seeing no possibility of winning a fight with Superman, a Guardian of the Universe, and several members of the Green Lantern Corps, the Weapon-Master teleports away.


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