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Superman and Green Lantern team up to face Star Sapphire, who has wedding plans for Green Lantern.

Clark Kent and Lois Lane are presented with awards at the Metropolis Press Club. Upon accepting his, Kent stumbles, falling into Lane, and knocking them both off the stage. Seconds later, the Green Lantern plummets into the room, and crashes through the stage, destroying it. Thanks to Kent's clumsiness, Lane and the award's presenter, avoided serious harm. The Green Lantern hands his ring over to Kent, then passes out. As soon as Kent puts on the ring, the Green Lantern's costume appears on him. Kent rises into the air, only to be rescued by Superman. Once out of view of the other journalists, "Superman" fades away. Kent used the Green Lantern ring to create an energy duplicate of Superman, to aid in maintaining his secret identity. Kent, now in his guise as Superman, asks the ring to explain what happened to the Green Lantern, then orders it to take him to the site of the Green Lantern's last battle. Superman journeys to Star City, where he immediately attacks Star Sapphire, before she has a chance to react. Superman lunges for her Star Sapphire, but the villainess is too quick. Star Sapphire blasts Superman into a building, then lashes him to the structure with chains. Realizing that using his super-strength to break the chains will further damage a key structural element of the building, Superman uses the Green Lantern ring to construct bolt cutters. Star Sapphire telekinetically grabs the ring off of Superman's finger, then teleports away. Superman returns to Metropolis, and, in his guise as Kent, goes on the air to report the Green Lantern's abduction. Unbeknownst to Kent, he is under observation from the Weaponers of Qward.

Superman's unexpected involvement in the Green Lantern/ Star Sapphire conflict prompts, Kimon, Lord of the Weaponers, to make the journey to Earth. Having abducted the Green Lantern, Star Sapphire departs Earth. She pilots her star craft towards Zamaron, where she intends to wed the Green Lantern. Anticipating her departure, Superman uses the computers on the Justice League Satellite to calculate her most likely route back to Zamaron, allowing Superman to intercept her star craft. Star Sapphire exits the craft, then steers a passing comet into Superman. The Man of Steel shatters the comet, pelting Star Sapphire with the debris. Reclaiming the Green Lantern ring, Superman carries the unconscious form of Star Sapphire, along with her vessel, back to Earth. Superman reaches to remove her Star Sapphire, only to be struck down by Kimon. Dazed, Superman feebly creates an energy construct to grasp the Star Sapphire, but the villainess easily destroys his ring powered implement. The Green Lantern recovers and takes back his ring. Still suffering from his earlier defeat at Star Sapphire's hands, the Green Lantern finds that's it's all he can do just to fend off her attacks. Using his ring, the Green Lantern revives Superman. Star Sapphire renders the Green Lantern unconscious once again. Superman uses his heat vision to incinerate the Star Sapphire's tiara. As the Star Sapphire falls from her head, she reverts back to her civilian identity, Carol Ferris. Green Lantern tends to the unconscious Ferris. After thanking Superman for his assistance, the Green Lantern, carrying Ferris, flies away. As soon as the Green Lantern is out of eyesight, Kimon reappears, and once more, strikes the Man of Steel down.


  • Cameo flashback of Green Lantern #16.
  • Story continues in the next issue.
  • "The DC Readers Present..." temporary name of the letter column.
  • This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Ad, the Penguin in "Penguins on Parade".
  • "The Second Great Superman Movie Contest!" Question #16.
  • "Daily Planet" Volume 78 Issue 44 week of November 6, 1978 edited by Bob Rozakis, production by Anthony Tollin and lettered by Typeset. Featuring a freaky football game in House of Mystery #265 and a special Green Lantern and Green Arrow Christmas story in Green Lantern #113 plus "Ask the Answer Man!" and "Direct Currents".
  • "Hembeck" by Fred Hembeck.

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