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When Superman goes on a rescue mission, he discovers that he is in Captain Marvel's costume and has his powers.

Man and Supermarvel!

Clark Kent catches Jimmy Olsen reading a Captain Marvel comic, on company time. While Olsen explains his interest in Captain Marvel, Kent hears the distinct sound of squealing brakes. Using his telescopic vision, Kent sees two elevated trains on a collision course with one another. Kent races to a storeroom to change into his costumed identity, Superman. However, surprisingly, the costume he is wearing under his suit is Captain Marvel's. With no time to question the situation, Superman leaps out the window, flying for the trains. Very quickly he realizes that he no longer possesses any of his super senses. Arriving in the nick of time, Superman tears up the elevated track, diverting one train into the air, while the other he stops with his super breath. Leaping after the derailed train, Superman catches it, and guides it gently down to the train station. Taking a few moments to ponder the mystery, Superman realizes that it isn't just his costume that has switched but also his powers. Superman flies to the Rock of Eternity, and uses it to slingshot him into Captain Marvel's universe. As soon as Superman departs, the architect behind his woes, Mister Mxyzptlk, makes his appearance, to gloat.

Arriving in Captain Marvel's city, New York, Superman watches Captain Marvel, wearing Superman's costume, take down the River Rat Gang. Turning the crooks over to the authorities, Captain Marvel meets up with Superman. Landing on a nearby rooftop, Captain Marvel asks Superman to speak Captain Marvel's magic word, "Shazam". Doing so transforms Superman back into Clark Kent. The lightning bolt, though, topples Kent from the rooftop, requiring Captain Marvel to save him. Speaking the word again puts Superman back in Captain Marvel's costume, as well as regaining Captain Marvel's powers. Captain Marvel suggests discussing the matter over breakfast. As the two heroes turn to leave the alley, they are attacked by a horrific, tentacled monster. Despite a few harrowing moments, the creature is easily destroyed. Mister Mxyzptlk appears to take credit for Superman's troubles, as well as to taunt the two heroes. Resuming their civilian identities, Clark Kent and Billy Batson, the two men discuss their situation over breakfast, unaware that their every word is being overheard by an eavesdropping device, courtesy of Mister Mxyzptlk's silent partner, Mister MInd.

Whatever Will Happen to Star Hawkins?

Private detective Star Hawkins reclaims his robot servant, Ilda, from a pawn shop. The proprietor, Mister Viozi, informs Hawkins that this is the last time he will take possession of Ilda, as there is no market for an automaton of her obsolete make. Hawkins, with Ilda, returns to his office, to meet with Stella Sterling, and her bodyguard, Automan. Two abduction attempts have been made on Sterling, both foiled by Automan. With Automan protecting her, though, there's been no way to investigate the would-be kidnappers. As if on cue, two Corvan mercenaries storm Hawkins' office. Hawkins and Automan repel the intruders. Automan discovers a discarded ticket stub, which may be a clue as to the mercenaries' whereabout. Automan and Ilda head off to investigate, while Hawkins sequesters Sterling in his apartment. Automan and Ilda discover the mercenaries hideout. Almost immediately, though, the two robots are immobilized by the mercenaries defensive systems. Ilda broadcasts a telepathic warning to Hawkins. Ilda's warning comes just as the Corvans are disintegrating the floor of Hawkins' apartment. Hawkins and Sterling put up a fight, but are immobilized by the powerful adhesive of a stick bomb. The Corvans reveal that Sterling was never their target. They are, in fact, after Automan. Ilda and Automan escape, and rush to Hawkin's aid. A brief fight ensues. Hawkins manages to hurl a bottle of ammonia into the fray, which Ilda uses to direct electrical current into all the Corvans. Hawkins learns that the Corvans needed the manganese in Automan's body, to power a new, and quite lethal, weapon. Hawkins collects an enormous bounty on the Corvan mercenaries' leader. Hawkins uses the windfall to fund, and open, an academy for robot detectives.


  • "Man and Supermarvel!" plotted by Gerry Conway, scripted by Roy Thomas, penciled by Rich Buckler, inked by Dick Giordano, colored by Gene D'Angelo and lettered by John Costanza.
  • Jimmy Olsen was reading a "Captain Marvel" comic.
  • Supergirl and Mary Marvel cameo flashback appearance.
  • "Whatever Will Happened to Star Hawkins?" written by Mike Tiefenbacher, penciled by Alex Saviuk, inked by Vince Colletta, colored by Jerry Serpe and lettered by Shelly Leferman.
  • The Director on page 8 panel 2 resembles DC Comics editor Julius Schwartz.
  • This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Ad, Batman, Robin and Commissioner Gordon in "Hearts of Darkness".

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