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This movie has a lot packed into its short 69 minutes. I wish DC hadn't shortened their movies from the apparent 73-80 minute standard because I really think the extra time is needed to allow the movies to breathe. At 69 minutes it's like a longer television episode rather than an epic movie.

Anyway, I don't think DC are capable of making a bad animated movie, and they haven't failed here either.

Things that were great:

- The background story of Damian joining the Teen Titans and meeting Raven. The drama side of this movie was so much better than the action, I thought.

- Music and sound. Voices too were great.

- Raven and the characterisation in general. Even Damian was cool. I would have preferred watching the characters interact over the tepid fight scenes. Especially as they had interesting backstories.

However, here are my problems with it:

- Too short for so many characters (10 heroes and 2 main villains all grappling for airtime). Ending was very rushed after a great start.

- The invading inter-dimensional demon threat to earth seems really done to death and pretty arbitrary, even though it is Raven's father. It was just a pretty random event.

- It really wasn't a 'vs' scenario either, with the Justice League and Teen Titans fighting on the same team for the majority of the movie, except when some of the Justice League were (once again) invaded by mind controlling demons.

- Ra's al Ghul crammed into the plot like Doomsday into BvS. Seriously, what was he doing there for thirty seconds? The story was great/good without this added Damian element.

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