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The great story arc by Geoff Johns comes in movie form. Firstly, Johns' New 52 run on Aquaman is my favourite DC run ever, so I'm pretty biased when it comes to the whole thing. I thought overall the movie was very good, with the sound, voices and general quality being really high.

The storyline is good although it's a bit crowded with so many characters all jostling for screen time. One animation oddity is that the streets of Gotham and Metropolis seem to be absolutely deserted of people. It's not like they need to hire extras, so how about drawing in a few citizens running away from the carnage. It felt a bit 80s animation in the city moments.

Hell of a lot of carnage too. I sort of wish they had slowed it down a little and spent a bit more time on character analysis. At 69 minutes, it's a very short movie and maybe I'm getting old and boring but I could have done with another 10 minutes of character discussion, plot build-up and resolution.

I hate to say it, but maybe cutting Shazam out of the film might have given it a bit more breathing room too. He's kind of a clown and not in a (potentially) good way.

I think overall I prefer the direction of Jay Oliver (The Dark Knight Returns/Flashpoint Paradox) to Ethan Spaulding here, but this is still really cool and definitely worth checking out. Nice little post-credits scene too.

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