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Movie version of Grant Morrison's book. I have to say that initially I wasn't a fan of the comic as I found it really disjointed and disorientating. I couldn't get my head around what was going on. So when watching this I pulled the book out again and had another look.

This would have to be my favourite DC animated movie by quite a way.

This has great storytelling, amazingly cohesive plot and the strongest emotional thrust of any of the DC movies I've seen with the possible exception of The Dark Knight Returns. The direction and tone of the All-Star Superman movie are perfect.

A couple of the episodes/issues of the book were omitted from the movie, and I think this really helped the storyline to breathe and stay a little more focused without losing the flavour of the source material. By trimming the more zany parts of the book the movie just flourished.

At 73 minutes the timing was perfect.

If anyone hasn't seen this movie they need to do so immediately. 10/10.

Post-script: I used to put Grant Morrison down but after reading Arkham Asylum and All-Star Superman (the second time) I really feel like I understand him now. Amazing writer.

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