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Doctor Doom is planning world domination and has developed clever schemes to accomplish that.  
He lures Superman and the Hulk into battling each other, the result of which frees the Parasite from his cell. Of course, Spiderman too jumps into the fray but is unable to offer any help. S.T.A.R. Labs takes Bruce Banner for treatment after his defeat, from where Doom plans to capture the Hulk later.  

Job flip

Clark Kent goes to work with The Daily Bugle, while Peter Parker applies for The Daily Planet. Kent tries to please J.J.Jameson while Peter sweats it out with Steve Lombard.
Sometime later, Superman visits Doom in his


, but Doom intends to capture Superman. However, Superman tricks him and escapes. 
Spiderman discovers the Metropolis branch of Doom's Project Omega and runs into Wonder Woman. Unknown to each other, they start fighting. Doom uses this chance to capture Wonder Woman. Spiderman escapes. 
Ther is always the thing with villain alliance, they try to kill each othe to gain power. Doom plans to use the energy-enhanced Parasite as fodder for his Project Omega, while Parasite intends to kill him.  
However, their plans do not succeed. They oppose each other, while the heroes destroy Project Omega (Doom's


). Parasite is recaptured, while Doom escapes. The Hulk too escapes his confinement.

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