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Bill Sienkiewicz turns up in the most peculiar places. Using him with Moon Knight or Elektra seems an apt fit, but New Mutants was quite an odd move, whilst Dazzler??? What did the kitsch roller disco queen do to deserve such a cool cover artist? Must have been in someone's good books, though to be fair, he was on the book quite a while, especially before he really went into his more experimental phase. Still, I adore the concept of this cover, particularly as I am a huge music fan, so the idea of a good old fashioned LP being the idea for a cover is not only fantastic but also one that dates the comic book. The LP cover itself reminds me of an overly earnest disco pop record, love the spotlight in the corner (or is that Alison's power manifesting itself?). I also like the hand holding the record - looks very real. And nice nail varnish on the thumb.

I have ranked this cover no 181 as part of a long term project I am producing on my own blog 'marvel-ous' on re: my favourite marvel comic book covers. Please visit and check out the other covers that have made my top 250.

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