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Dazzler has her first major gig and all her Super Hero friends are watching! When the Enchantress interrupts the performance and casts a spell on Dazzler, can all the heroes take her out?

Allison Blaire, the Dazzler, excitedly battles stage fright as she prepares for her headline debut at Numero Uno, one of New York's hottest discos. Elsewhere, members of the X-Men, Fantastic Four and Avengers are also getting ready for Dazzler's big show. That night, moments after taking the stage, Allison is attacked by an angry and jealous Enchantress, who is hell-bent on making Ali pay for outsinging / out-"enchanting" her in the previous issue.

Enchantress casts an aging spell on Dazzler, who quickly withers into a feeble old woman before a horrified audience. Dazzler musters enough energy to ricochet a laser-beam off a giant mirrored disco ball and strike the Enchantress, breaking the spell. Most of the panicked crowd flees, but the many super-heroes in the room gear up for battle. Enchantress counters the heroes by opening an inter-dimensional rift and summoning an army of her own demons & ogres who quickly engage the heroes in a fierce fight. Once Storm becomes the first to recognize that the real threat is the Enchantress, she and the Human Torch attempt a direct assault on the Enchantress herself. Without a plan they are easily (and literally) blown away.

The battle comes down to just Dazzler against the Enchantress when suddenly, a final demon, larger and more fearsome than the entire army that preceded him tears through the dimensional rift. Dazzler soaks up every bit of sound she can and hits the monster full force with her light powers, defeating the creature and sealing the rift. Humiliated even further, The Enchantress again vows revenge before magically transporting the army of demons and herself back to Asgard.

Dazzler's botched debut, however, was not without it's silver lining. She manages to catch the eye and ear of a music publisher who refers her to talent agent Harry Osgood. A few days later, Allison is escorted to her audition in the Avengers Quinjet. Despite some minor resistance from the receptionist, and with the help of several of her super-powered friends, Dazzler auditions for Osgood and is signed immediately.

Note: This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Ad, The Human Torch in "Blown About."


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