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The issue begins where the previous issue left off, with the Absorbing Man as a 15' being of living light absorbed from a burst of energy from Dazzler. However, rather than engaging the young mutant, the villain departs to fight the Avengers. She attempts to contact the Avengers to warn them of Creel's attack, but Jarvis informs her they are otherwise occupied. She goes to the Baxter Building, hoping to enlist the Fantastic Four, but instead encounters Black Bolt and Medusa of the Inhumans. Black Bolt and Dazzler engage the Avengers foe. Meanwhile, the Angel attempts to discover the whereabouts of Alison Blaire's mother to win Dazzler's heart. Hitting a dead end, the Angel sees a live news report of the battle between Blackbolt, Dazzler, and the Absorbing Man in progress and flies to the scene. The Dazzler defeats the Absorbing Man and falls from a great height, but the Angel arrives in time to rescue her.

Mister Fantastic and Klaw appear in this issue in flashbacks.

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