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    GO for it!

    It seems very few comic book fans respect and love Allison Blaire like I do - thankfully writer Jim McCann is one of those people! An aspiring singer and entertainer who is gifted (or cursed) with mutant powers, Ali has done her damnedest to stay true to herself by not being swept away or under the rug by Hollywood life or mutant hysteria. With this one-shot, fans and new readers catch up with the Dazzler as she comes to grips with her responsibilities to her family, her career, her powers, and herself. It's a heart wrenching tale that's sure to catch anyone by surprise, whether you're a longtime Dazz supporter or not. McCann manages to cram some twenty years of Dazzler history into twenty-two plus pages while producing a story told for today. It left me only wanting more! 
    While I normally frown on a single issue having more than one penciller, all three artists bring something important to the tale with their diverse talent. It seems almost as though McCann wrote each specific chapter for Andrasofsky, Perez, and Ciregia respectfully. Though none can seem to make the classic silver disco costume Dazz wore throughout the early '80s any less campier than it was when she first donned it in Uncanny X-Men #130. To think I used to love the outfit as a kid! Now it's really time for Ali to keep to her usual fashonista sense of style. 
    Hopefully this one-shot receives enough deserved acclaim that McCann continues to writer Ms. Blaire. It appears the writer understands the full promise that a woman like the Dazzler truly has. Marvel Comics should definitely take note and follow Dazz's mantra, "GO FOR IT!"
    ~ Hype

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